Three training for duathlon

We present three training options

We present three training options so you can prepare your duathlons in a satisfactory way and consistent with the demands of this demanding test

1. Internalize career rhythms

The first situation we find in a duathlon is a explosive exit.

If you do not want this to happen to you, you must train your career rhythms trying to internalize them without constantly being aware of the clock, so that on the day of the competition you can look for those sensations of rhythm and not get carried away by the initial impulse.

If you don't know how to do it keep reading this article to find out:

2. Train the bike in fatigue and in a group

If the bike workouts are always done fresh as a lettuce and at a comfortable pace that nobody requires you to give a little more, on the day of the duathlon your legs will not be used to make this effort after 5Km of running.

Therefore, it is desirable that you ever include prior to bike training, a race training.

Another very important aspect that you should keep in mind is go in a group He is already known for all the great benefits of bike drafting, but to be able to maintain a group It involves prior training.

You will find rhythm changes, attack situations, athletes rolling very close and all of them you must train so that you can carry it out in the competition.

So we advise you that go out with classmates to train, you practice relays and rhythm changes trying to detach yourself from the group.

3. Train the fatigue race

If at the previous point we told you the importance of training the bike with relative previous fatigue in the legs, the last segment of the duathlon that accumulates the fatigue of the first race plus that of the cycling segment It can be done very uphill if your muscles are not trained for it.

The most advisable is perform transition workouts, that is to say, just at the end of the bike training includes a running race training.

To adapt gradually, you can start with 5 minutes of comfortable running and progressively increase in time and intensity.

Keep in mind that in the competition this segment can be decisive to the sprint so you must prepare for it.

 In addition to everything we've told you, if you don't want to make typical and frequent mistakes in your duathlon competitions, we advise you to read the following article:

 Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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