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Triconsejos by José Miguel Pérez «Josemi»

Name: José Miguel Pérez Martínez

Club: Hoces de Cuenca Triathlon

Web / Blog: www


Most representative results: Olympic Games London 2012, 6th Cto. Del Mundo Sub23 triathlon, 4th Cto. Of Europe Sub23 Triathlon, 3rd Cto. Del Mundo Sub23 Duathlon, 12th WCHS Austria, 13th WCHS Sydney, 2nd World Cup South Korea, 4th World Cup Mexico.

3 tips to train better:

  • Organize your schedules well
  • Keep a good planning
  • That the training is never a burden for your life, enjoy and serve to load pillar.

3 things you should never forget to bring on test day:

  • Supplementation and adequate hydration for the test
  • The necessary material for her (you would not be the first to leave something, I say it from experience)
  • And the desire !!!!! That is not the first time or you are the first to hear the phrase: "Bufff I have little desire to compete today."

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition:

  • Drink and eat
  • Be aware of your possibilities and read the race well
  • Give everything and enjoy at all times !!!!

3 tips that you should always do at the end of the competition:

  • Do a small shoot by bike or running at low intensity,
  • Hydrate and eat well the next hour and a half of the competition
  • Try to rest well that night so that the body recovers.

Tell us a curious anecdote that has happened to you:

Well, when I was a junior I went to do the Pálmaces triathlon, I got out of the water first and when we reached kilometer 10, the Civil Guard stopped the test due to a fire on the road 2km from there. In the end the swimming and running times were added on foot and win, and there were great craks such as Félix Martínez who bothered them quite a lot hehehehehehehehehehe.

Objectives 2012-2013:

Keep improving and try to play the World Cup to make a good position, it will be a relaxed year for everyone after 3 hard and crazy years for the Olympic Games.

More information:

Networks (FB / TW): TW: Josemi Perez Martinez, @josemiperez

Web / Blog:


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