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A swimming TEST to know your current swim rhythm: 10 × 100

This test will help you to know your swim rhythm and check your evolution throughout the season

This swimming training comes from the hand of Alison Kreideweis, published in the magazine Triathelte.

Alison explains «Many times, when I ask a triathlete what is your »swim rhythm«, you have no idea. In addition, I often receive questions from athletes about how long do I think it will take to complete a triathlon swim, which is impossible to answer without knowing what the maximum speed at which they can swim can swim ».

This 10 × 100 test is a excellent exercise to help athletes determine their swim rhythm, often described in «rhythm to the 100». Be sure to note the length of the pool in which the training is being done (meters)

«This training can be adapted for athletes of different levels either increasing or decreasing the number of 100 meters in the main group«, Says Kreideweis, but« consistency is the key.

Athletes have toTo complete 5-10 x 100 meters intervals approximately at the same time (with the same recovery between each series). You have to keep in mind that the rhythm should not be determined as if you were going to do just one series of 100 m

Once the training is finished, point the average time of each 100 meters, and that data will be your point of reference to know your current swim rhythm

You can repeat this test every 4-8 weeks to know what your swim rhythm is and check your evolution in swimming

REC: recovery

Warm up:

  • 200 swim easy,: 20 '' REC
  • 4 x 50 of kick,: 15 'REC
  • 4 x 50 pull ,: 15 '' REC
  • 200 moderate ,: 20 '' REC

Main phase:

  • 10 x 100 time trial, 10 '' REST

* Try to do the same time in each 100. The recovery is only 10 seconds between each repetition.


  • 100 easy styles ,: 30 '' REC
  • 100 easy

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