An English triathlete, retrieves his bike valued at 10.000 € to 1.300 km away

Two bicycles were stolen, one of them a Cervelo P5 valued at 10.000 €

Good news for the British sportsman Marc londonAfter having his bicycle stolen last August at his house in Baldock (Hertfordshire) while on vacation, he has been able to recover it in Poland, more than 1.300 km from the place of theft.

Marc is an amateur to compete in Ironman and now he is happy, having recovered his Cervelo P5 valued at € 10.000 €

Marc he used social networks and thanks to them he was able to locate the bicycle in a shop in Poznan (Poland). For this  He began his search for all the triathlon forums and networks he knew until one day he received a message from a Polish cyclist telling him that he had seen a bicycle very similar to his on a website in his country.

Once located, I notify the British police that they contacted Polish prosecutors to finally travel to Poland last April to recover it, although it is not known who stole it.

Marc London commented to the BBC: «Between the tenacious determination to find my bike and [Sergeant Clarke's] contacts, who helped cut the bureaucracy, we finally got the stolen bike back."

«Although we are not close to discovering who stole it, I am delighted that it has finally returned to where it belongs«.

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