Technical Video of career by Alejandro Santamaria

A good technique will help us to be more economical, more effective, to tire less, run faster for longer, in addition to avoiding injuries.

Alejandro Santamaria  shows us in the following video several exercises that will help us get a good career technique . Alejandro is not only a great athlete, with many victories in prestigious events throughout his career, but he also works as a coach on his online page

A good technique will help us be more economicalmore effective, tire less , to run faster for more time, in addition to avoid injuries.

Do not miss the following video where Alejandro tells us first hand the best exercises to improve our technique with exercises such as:

  • Work ankle and joint
  • Run with straight knees
  • Heels to the gluteus
  • Skipping knees to the chest
  • Slow motion stride
  • Tips for a correct footprint
  • Triple jump strides

Technical video career

Further information:

Alejandro Santamaría

Train with Alejandro Santamaria. 26 years of experience at your disposal. Triathlete since 1993 with 27 Ironman completed and several podiums. Several times champion of Spain elite. Trainer since 2001. Pioneer in online training

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