5 training proposals that will help you in your preseason

We propose 5 options to work strength and aerobic resistance in this period of general physical preparation.

It's time to get fit, from create solid foundation for everything the season brings us! We propose 5 options to work strength and aerobic resistance in this period of general physical preparation.

Climb stairs

Find a ladder that do not have excessive step height and work the strength of quadriceps, cufflinks y buttocks as well as the stability of your joints. You can combine all kinds of exercises that you can think of for the climbs (fast walking, double step steps, skipping, jumps, jumps to one leg) and you can work the eccentric form your muscles in the descents.

It starts progressively so as not to overload the musculature or the joints, since it is a high impact work and not all bodies are prepared for it at this time of the season.


If long run runs are a bit monotonous, try doing slight changes of rhythm alternating between your zone 2 and 3 (Given that we are in the preseason and it is not objective to work at a higher pace).

You can alternate these changes of rhythm by time or by distance, even if you are one of those who run with music, also by songs.

Pedal cadence

Take advantage of the bike outings to make more extensive shootings without great unevenness difficulties, where you can focus on a constant pedaling cadence.

Working around the 80 pedals per minute will allow you to improve muscle efficiency, since many extreme peaks of cadence (below 80 and above 100) will only cause more fatigue in your muscles.

In addition, once you consolidate the steady pace with proper development, you can work and improve the average speed.

Circuits Oberon and Oregon

It consists of interspersing 1000 meters of race with 9 exercises that are performed each 100 meters. Afterwards, one minute rests and 1000 meters are followed.

Depending on your level you will have to adapt the race pace, the repetitions of each exercise and the type of exercises.

For example:

  • 100 m + 10 bottoms of arms.
  • 100 m + 20 Jumps in the site (10 with each leg).
  • 100 m + 20 Abdominals.
  • 100 m + 10 Squats with jump.
  • 100 m + 10 Lumbar raising trunk.
  • 100 m + 20 Squats complete.
  • 100 m + 10 Triceps funds.
  • 100 m + 20 Plates with turn (10 each side).
  • 100 m + 5 Burpees.
  • 100 metres.
  • Recovery: 1 'trot + 1.000 m smooth.

Another sports

Also now is the time to take advantage to practice other sports that can help you for the triathlon and to get fit. Some ideas can be the following:

  • Rock climbing: the strength of the upper body is essential in swimming, so it will come in handy
  • Trekking or hiking: Nothing like going out to nature to make a good route to put your legs to work while you enjoy a different plan.
  • Yoga: joint range, mobility and flexibility should not be forgotten during the season, so take advantage now to learn and be able to apply it all year round
  • Cyclocross and mountain bike: leaving the road will make you take more control and skill with the bicycle on roads and tracks. Of course, measure your level before launching yourself to any unknown path.

Including a couple of days a week of different trainings than you usually do during the season will benefit you as extra motivation and will help you in improving your overall fitness at the start of the season.

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Technical Director Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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