Direct Olympic Games women's triathlon Río janeiro

Live Broadcast of the Olympic Games #RIO2016 Women's Race

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Career Chronicle: Gwen Jorgensen Olympic Champion in Rio 2016

Gold for Gwen Jorgense silver medal was Nicola Spirig and the bronze medal went to Vicky Holland.

The North American goes alone for the Gold.

Last lap .. emotion until the end .. it seems that Jorgensen attacks!

The race remains the same, waiting for the last kilometer for the attacks ..

Nicola Spirig surrendering to the highest level and fighting for his second Gold in a #JJOO

Jorgensen and Spirig sit at the front of the race, waiting for the attacks to begin

Vicky Holland, Non Standford, Flora Duffy and Barbara Riveros in the second group and it looks like they will fight for the bronze

16 '' advantage of Jorgensen and Spirig in the first leg of the race on foot

Gwen Jorgensen and Nicola Spirig go alone for the gold!

Ainhoa ​​Murua arrives T2 with 3: 17 in the 2º group and although injured she tries to go out running bravo!

Jorgensen and Spirig go alone in the head, they can not follow them!

begin to run Lisa Norden the 1º in the T2 starts the good!

The head group doubles to Carolina Routier ,. A puncture on the bike made her lose a lot of time when she was in the lead.

Last lap of cycling with the favorites in the lead .. everything points to a hard and fast race on foot

Pass Ainhoa ​​Murua by goal to 2'43, Miriam Casillas 4: 46, Carolina Routier looks like 6: 58

Situation of the Spanish 5 ° return @ainhoamuruitx to 2'11 "@CarolRoutier and @MiriamCasillasG

Finally Sarah True retires that has been folded.

Nicola Spirig tries to escape from the group. but they respond quickly.

confirm that @CarolRoutier spike on the 1º bike tour and had to change the wheel what made her lose so much time

The second group of Hellen Jenkis is losing group and is at 1: 45 of the race favorites

Miriam Casillas and Carolina Routier pass to 3: 39 in the fourth round

Flora Duffy tries to escape in the lead, but the favorites are watched closely

Situation 4 back: Favorite group -> 1: 20 group pursuer -> 1: 46 Group Ainhoa ​​Murua

Sarah True although hurt by the fall, and without options she tries again .. #grande

Fall of Sarah True .. everything points to that he is going to retire.

Lisa Norden the Olympic Runner-up is in the leading group. It will have to be taken into account

The group of Ainhoa ​​Murua passes to 1: 24 of the group of head

n the step by the third round, the group of 18 units continues to increase advantage, due to the collaboration of the favorites

Jorgensen takes the lead ..

Nicola Spirig pulling strong from the group

Rectify @CarolRoutier marches to 1'34 "together with @MiriamCasillasG after first round

Career situation 1º group with the 23 favorites' 'from the 2º group and Ainhoa ​​from behind to 1', Carolina and Miriam from behind

The group is broken in the climb, 18 units in the 1º group

Career situation: 1º group with Hewitt, Spirig, Jorgensen, Holland, Stanford, Kramer, Moffat and @Carolroutier, Ainhoa ​​Murua to 25 '' in the 1º round

Jorgensen is at the end of the peloton, behind trying to reach them Ainhoa ​​Murua

The English begin to throw in the head and the group is breaking .. Jorgensen seems that sJopre is behind

#triatllon is a group of 30 and Ainhoa ​​about to reach them come on!

Waiting for the groups to form, to see if Ainhoa ​​and Carolina take the lead.

The first to leave the water was the Spanish Carolina Routier, (19: 01)

Last meters of swimming with Carolina Routier at the head of the race

Two groups have already been formed in swimming, the favorites in front

Recital @CarolRoutier in swimming there is no one better than her in this segment!

The group very stretched with Carol in the lead, remain in a group, but about to break

#triathlon a pity the injury of @ainhoamuruitx that will not allow it to compete to the maximum .. 4 Olympic games on their backs.

#triathlon in Head @CarolRoutier and the group starts to stretch ... the swimming is only one lap. Katie Zaferes goes second very close to her.

#triatlon 1,5 km of swimming (1 lap), 40 cycling (8 laps) and 10 km race on foot (4 laps) is what awaits them

Only 15 minutes left for the start of the test



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