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Gwen Jorgensen Rio 2016 Olympic Champion

Ainhoa ​​Murua, could not finish the race for an injury, Carolina Routier eliminated by dubbing after a puncture and Miriam Casillas finishes the 43 in his Olympic debut.

The main favorite was the American Gwen Jorgensen, who after an immaculate 2015 where she won all the competitions that she played, in this 2016 the American has been beaten thanks to cycling escapades by her compatriot Katie Zaferes and for the British Helen Jenkins. These two triathletes together with the rest of the British, the Swiss Nicola Spirig and the Bermudian were the candidates for the medal.

The test began at 11 in the morning (16:00 Spanish time) with the 1.5-meter swim in a single lap, where the first to come out of the water was the Spanish Carolina Routier in a time of 19:01 followed by all the favorites where Ainhoa ​​Murua´a was 14 '' and, Miriam Casillas 22 behind

The cycling sector of 8 laps with a strong steepness at the beginning of each lap, a strong fight was expected to distance the group from behind which at the beginning made a group of 18 units with the favorite Flora Duffy, Vicky Holland, Non Standford, Andrea Hewwit, Gwen Jorgensen, Lisa Norden, Katie Zaferes and Nicola Spirig among others. A puncture of Carolina Routier made her lose more than a minute and she stayed behind in the final part of the race.

Gradually thanks to the collaboration of the favorites in the lead, and under a strong vigilance between them, they were increasing the advantage to reach T2 with 3: 17 of advantages over the second group of Ainhoa ​​Murua to 3: 17, Mirian Casillas to 5: 38 and Carolina Routier who was dubbed in the last lap and therefore disqualified from the test.

From the first moment the favorites, Gwen Jorgensen and Nicola Spirig , they started to run hard to distance a group of 4 triathletes with Vicky Holland, Non Standford, Enma Moffat Duffy y Barbara Riveros fighting for the bronze

The two headed together until the last lap where the American Gwen Jorgensen he imposed his law by leaving alone towards the goal to get the victory and the title of Olympic Champion in a time of 1: 56: 15. The second classified and silver medal was Nicola Spirig and the bronze medal was for Vicky Holland.

As for the Spanish, Ainhoa ​​Murua , as expected, he could not finish the test by retiring in the running race. Carolina Routier who was in the head group on the bike, suffered a puncture that wasted a lot of time and was bent on the last lap and therefore deflated. Miram Casillas the only Spanish representative who finished in the 43 position of the test

Tomorrow, the Olympic triathlon games are closed with only one Olympic diploma for Mario Mola. However, now all eyes are on the last two tests of the World Series where the Mallorcan starts with many options to get the world title.

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