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The siesta time by Felipe Gutiérrez: To enroll

Soon all the users of the bicycles will have to go through the registration office and the "novices, those who start as children" will no longer teach the parents in the park, it will be the driving schools that do the teaching.

The truth is that when I heard the news I said: "It's very good, it's a good idea", but look where it was yesterday and I played the few minutes of hitting the eyelids badly listening to the screams of Save me and when I woke up I asked myself:

What if it was not a good idea and if they see it as just another business?

The deputy general director of Intervention and Traffic Policies of the General Direction of Traffic, Mónica Colás in a meeting with Specialists of the DGT, representatives of the town halls, associations, driving schools, foundations, federations and educational centers ... I leave patent and "He claimed the use of the bicycle as an" economic, non-polluting and sustainable "means of transport.

Colás recalled that Traffic has been working intensively, for about a decade, to enhance and consolidate "the culture of cycling" in the Spanish social fabric, an option that is widespread in several countries of the European Union, where it is conceived as a transport system in all its dimensions, surpassing the classic conceptions, which always link it with sports practices.

Precisely, the meeting presented a comparative study on the use of bicycles as a means of transport in the European environment, but also in other nations, as is the case of Canada "

But it did not stop there and dropped the possibility of starting to make a registration of bicycle registration, private insurance to circulate outside the public health system and license to move, although the General Directorate of Traffic has not yet given a step forward. Uhhhh what fear they give me! I think you already have it planned, that soon all the users of the bicycles will have to go through the registration office and the "beginners, those who start as small" will not teach them the daddies in the park, it will be the driving schools those who do the teaching.

Driver education school for children

Some of you will think that this is far from happening, but I am convinced that people who use the bicycle as a means of transport will have to have insurance like cars to take care of unforeseen events and possible accidents. they will need a specific license similar to the driver's license, At the same time they will have to register their bikes if they intend to drive on the roads and other roads.

I hope you do not read anybody from Traffic, because I'm sure that something that looks like science fiction can get a rule and let's not say when it happens to the minister on duty to implement the ITV for the bikes.

So let's all hope that this is just a very cold idea and that no one from the DGT is already working on it. I think we would be the first country in the world to pay for having a bicycle (go that those who have at home 4 or 5 you will find out) and go out with it ... come tax Will this be the next?

Colored bicycles

I wake up and I think about it ... "And the sports events, the cyclists, the triathletes, will charge a bonus for the cost of roads? it is not the same to go out for a ride than to do 150 Km spending roads.

Well, nothing ends cycling in a "pee pas" ... soon the elections come, if also those of the Federations, but that will be another day. Good competitions and training without registration.

Felipe Gutiérrez


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