The hour of the Siesta by Felipe Gutiérrez: "Year of Olympic Games ... .year of federal elections"

Felipe this time talks about the elections that will be held this year to the Spanish Triathlon Federation.


This afternoon I was about to close my eyes in that long-awaited nap not only for me, but also for some people who ask me, how about the nap ?, when my phone rings which I take with bad ..., then that and I was surprisingly called a person from the triathlon world with whom I do not speak frequently and he asks me. Felipe, are you going to present yourself to the President? if you do, you know you have my support and such and such and such ...

After a good time of talk I try to hit the eye and the head turns me to the question, suggestion, proposal or I know what it was.

The truth is that it seems that nobody remembers, but we are in the Olympic year, the triathletes are trying to secure their place and some people are already thinking that more or less in the last quarter of the year there will be elections to occupy the presidency of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon.

And I thought, since the movements begin and I suppose that each one of the possible aspirants is already moving card, the dance for that position that since 17 years ago or around Jose Hidalgo occupies.

There are many rumors and above all three possible candidates it seems that they may be preparing something. I do not like rumors and I call each of the "rumor candidates" to see what they propose and if they are going to dare to be real candidates or it is nothing.

"Candidates rumor"

First call to Barcelona. Hello Jesus Andreu! How are you? I tell him the rumor I ask him to tell me what his idea is about aspiring to that "square" of President and he confirms that yes, there are many possibilities for him to present himself. Jesus likes him, and now he is no longer President of the Catalan Federation, although there he is working for triathlon.

He has a lot of experience, he has been leading the Catalan triathlon for many years and now he wants to make the leap to the Spanish triathlon. I think he will be a strong candidate and that is the conclusion I draw after my conversation with him. Well, now we have the first candidate. He is convinced that things can be done better and he believes that Jose Hidalgo has been around for many years and that people and ideas have to be renewed.

The second possible candidate according to the rumor mill is Jose Mª Merchán and curiously today and due to the Fair Fitur is in Madrid. Merchán also has it clear, but it will not be presented, neither to the Spanish nor to the Andalusian, so free land. He wants to continue in his work, in his things and disconnect from the federative life. He has confessed to me in person, I think he does well, he is young and he has time to live without the pressures of this difficult collective.

Well, nothing, the next rumor candidate is Amancio del Castillo. They tell me that it will almost certainly assault the Federation from within. I call him and he completely denies me the possibility of presenting himself. He has no interest, just over three years ago he fought for the post against Jose Hidalgo and took a romp.

He ended up tired and currently works for Fetri and continues as President of the Federation of Castilla y León. So he will not aspire to the Spanish again, at least that's what he confessed to me, but if he wants to continue in Castilla y León even though he thinks that there could be some candidate and depending on who either follows or leaves him, he will decide when the autonomy elections are presented.

Well nothing of three only one seems that it is going to try it. It seems that there is a President who could also enter that candidate's round, but I do not have it confirmed at all, some time ago she said yes, but at the moment it is good not to reveal all the data or all the candidates, so we give a little emotion to the months that lie ahead.

And I wonder what Jose Hidalgo will think current President and the last 17 or 18 years?

Well nothing telephoned and talking to Hidalgo. I tell him what I want to know and I tell him directly if he is going to present himself again. Without hesitation and clearly says, "Yes, I'm going to present." Lighter the water. Hidalgo aspires to be another four years.

Well, we entered the year of the Olympic Games, in the year of the elections, at the moment two aspirants almost certainly and I imagine that some "cover" will be there planning, looking for possibilities, supports.

Now all those who complain, who do not agree have the time to introduce themselves to seek new approaches.

Again the question they asked me comes to my head: Felipe, are you going to present yourself to the President? And I say ... and why not ?, now I prefer to give me a little nod ...

Felipe Gutiérrez


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