Nap time by Felipe Gutiérrez Elite in Marina d'Or?

I only have one word with which I could qualify this weekend in Marina d'Or and I also have to write it in capital letters: DECEPTION.

It's Wednesday afternoon, the day I write my column and as you know after ... but it's still impossible for me to digest many things from the weekend.

I know that nobody reads to me, so nobody will get angry for anything that I write here. In general I only have one word with which I could qualify this weekend in Marina d'Or and I also have to write it in capital letters: DISAPPOINTMENT.

I wanted to write for Triathlon News a story on the same day, that's why today and DOES NOT HAVE RELIABLE AND NON-RELIABLE RESULTS, so to count the penalties that there were and enough I gave "pumpkins" to the Triathlon News and I went to dinner with the components of my club.

Talk of the Cup I felt a sense of emptiness, of sadness, I do not know if it's the word, I love these tests, you know all the most veteran ones, but ... a beer (to me with one enough) at dinner served to drown my sorrows .

The relief then ... that with that test I managed to increase my disappointment and in the four hours of travel to Madrid I had time to give many laps, in the end it was not only disappointment, but disappointment.

A few years ago, those of us who were organizing were "hooligans" and we were launching these formats, which fortunately are more than "trite". That is why I do not understand that there are faults that you all know, that you have already commented on your social networks, web pages, etc…

But despite all the biggest disappointment I had with the participants ELITE? who took the start in the relay event and who stopped at the first buoy, not all of course, but a good number if they did and what I liked the sound of the booing and booing of the audience and their teammates from the beach cheaters

We're going bad if we want to set an example and claim a clean sport. In case we had little with the failures of the FETRI, you will forgive my teammates but all of you have skipped today that buoy in the elite exit of the Cto España by Relay you are some TRAMPOSOS and the FETRI some INCOMPETENT for allowing it and not taking measures . Those of us who have taken it well are we? Legal or fools ??

Posted by Daniel Rodríguez Rodríguez on Sunday, May 17 of 2015

It was clear that the exit buoy was very close, since they measured for the morning tests the low tide had taken the shore to about 30 meters from the buoy. There was everything for the almost 100 triathletes who took the start, and some, I do not know how many, nobody knows, shortened in the buoy since the canoe that would have to be there, was not, I try to put it too late.

Disqualified for that ?, I do not know, but I imagine none, since no officer was attentive to this buoy.

There were more things such as the movement of material through the transition area, the changes of location, I do not know ... many things of those that undoubtedly rarefied the test. And not to mention the "tchunda, tchunda" of the beach speakers where they did not give any information of the exits, the progress of the test, the delay that there was also, we go another "chicken" this time beach.

In difficult goal that the speaker could give an information of who won, who had the best time, but could have reported who ran. A detail when the team of Ana Burgos, if he said X3M team enters, but man report that an Olympic sport of our sport was in goal is at least the minimum that had to inform, in addition to the same team had another Olympian Sara do not know you !, e even an international athlete you see Sonia if it had been this test in Cáceres! , in addition to different international triathletes, that at least, everything was solved with putting music and very high, "the pains with music happen" I would be thinking. And already to say nothing of the ceremonies of delivery of medals ....

Yes, we all know that they are Elite tests and also of second teams and schoolchildren (from my point of view the students should have their own independent days at another time and in another place and where they are the protagonists and not the opening acts of the rest of the tests), but we have to take care of them, but the C, D, E, F, G teams can participate ... they do not participate but we have to do a less crowded test, this is a special test and if there is no site, it does not enter more ... unless you want to have many teams that pay a registration fee.

I was disappointed until the 4 star hotel treatment that the organization advised. Late attention on arrival, free buffet meals that we all "enjoy" ... the surname D'Or I already understand why it is.

SHORT AND CLOSED, I only ask in the future that time ELITE, with a good sports education, to be an example for those students who were watching the test and when they are Elite do not use the shortcuts that then serve them to appear in the photo and be displayed on facebook.

During these two days I had some lengthy conversations with the president of the FETRI and with the Director of Competitions at Marina D'Or, I already expressed to them my discomfort, which in the end is the discomfort of everyone. They are aware of the problems and want to work to do this in another way, with other protocols and with higher quality in every way. The preparation of a platform so that there are no problems with the results that are underway confirmed me, I at least give them that vote of confidence that we all hope and wish for the very near future.

Felipe Gutiérrez

Photo: Marina d'Or Blog

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