The hour of the siesta by Felipe Gutiérrez: "Something happens"

Felipe tells us about the tests that the federations do not organize


This afternoon I was thinking while it was time for my weekly nap, which I almost never do, since there are so many problems that creep into my head that it is almost impossible.

Before getting to write about "something happens" I want to make clear that I am a supporter of the national and regional Federations and the defense they do or should do about their championships, tests and other activities that should only correspond to them.

Go for it. Every weekend I'm surprised that more tests of duathlon, triathlon are held ... although in reality it is not that which catches my attention. The surprise comes when some of these tests are not organized by a federation.

It is clear that something happens, because these tests have a higher number of registered in many cases to the federated tests and the registration is even less than those organized by those under the protection of the federations.

A few days ago I went to see one of these tests (for the record, it was not in Madrid's autonomy) and I thought that only beginners would go to contest the test, but my surprise comes when I see many federated athletes with the club jumpsuit they represent and enjoying a competition that was well organized, there were no apparent problems, they had the times and classifications almost at the moment, there were no officials (with what I like to call them judges!), they handed out trophies, prizes, a gift raffle, a control service of the "boxes" (here if I like to call it a transition area) and a good service from which all or most of them came out happy.

Someone tells me when I told him: "they will be pirate evidence? " Pirate? Ah, you mean that they do not pass the federative "control". The athlete does not care about that control, but I think he wants it that way, and the truth is that it is something that the federations will have to take into account if they do not want more exodus of tests.

In all autonomies "bake beans" and as long as they do not regulate in any way, organizers will continue to leave who do not want to enter that federative way.

There are more and more federated events, they increase every year, but there are also increasing tests outside the federation calendar, something happens!

I do not know if it will be the tests, the sites, the demands, the little interest for the athlete or that we went from the official to the clear rules and regulations (although the latter is being rolled up little by little).

The federations will have to fight to recover these tests and not just put them in "the firing squad", there must be more dialogue and perhaps less arrogance.

I insist that I am a supporter of the federations, but I understand when one of my triathletes says that they prefer not to go to this or that test of a federation, it seems that they have no confidence in it and the prices are high and the prizes, well that, the opposite .

Sometimes you take disappointments, last year we had a few and although we hope that this year everything goes better, because we started to get nervous when we even traveled far, we spent money and ...

To give an example, this weekend we went to one of the qualifiers for the Spanish Duathlon Championship held in Águilas. On the little bad test we can say, the organization always works well but the demands of the departures with that difference of minutes made the four departures (male and female elite, male and female age groups) at one time of the test were all in the cycle circuit to which 3 had to be given mixed laps and in many cases some to enter into transition and others to go back and ... .the 400 participants in an uncontrollable carousel.

I did not like it, I was disappointed, it was a test bike "cunt".

And I do not understand it because it seems that the elite test that should be clean both men and women and that "organized" the Spanish was mixed with groups that "organized" the Murcia ", question that I do not understand.

Well things like that are the ones I do not like and the ones that athletes do not like, the ones that we put up with until we get fed up and that a test of a sensational level is a bit dull when you see these things.

Tomorrow maybe some duathletes who ran there will go to another test where they feel more comfortable.

Anyway now we are still in a good moment to get the triathletes, that the clubs continue in the federative way, but the federations also have to do something on their part.

Felipe Gutiérrez

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