The siesta time by Felipe Gutiérrez: "Cacadelux" Doping in sport

Felipe talks to us this week about doping in sports


I believe that the people who live in the world of sports and day by day we are training athletes when we read news like this dislodges us to know that we are in the hands of depraved people who see health in business and get involved in many cases people without any kind of embarrassed and are able to do this kind of "cacadelux". And of course I include athletes who have nothing to do with everything that is happening in terms of doping, we are simply fed up.

The newspaper El Comercio de Oviedo launches the following news: The ex-athlete Pedro Pablo Nolet, arrested in an operation for trafficking in anabolics.

You can follow it here:

This world of sport is totally corrupt, but I do not speak of athletics or other sports that are already very marked, I speak in general of all.

Nolet Asturian athlete has been caught for alleged trafficking of anabolic. Nolet has been Olympic and at his age in his business he is stopped and declares of those alleged business outside the law.

"It seems that police sources have specified that the proceedings have been declared secret and that the operation takes place in Asturias, Madrid, Barcelona and Badajoz and in it 15 has been arrested in total." That qualifies the newspaper.

Well, we do not want names, heads, and those who sell only have a place in this society. And of course the athletes who catch do not have to continue trusting them, you have to punish them for life without being able to compete.

I think that this corruption of doping in sport is not cycling as it is intended to say or some other sport, I think and I think it is widespread in all sports and not only because there is money ahead, also doped for winning a position , a medal to "show off" with her and be the best in the neighborhood or the portal.

In our sport, triathlon I think we have to do more to discover the cheats, to discover those who dope without any more, who try to shorten this way and get to be champions of something.

What are the few controls? if in that we agree, but I imagine that the government, read Superior Council of Sports must give means so that the Spanish Agency of Protection of the Health in the Sport can "hunt" to the cheaters.

Doping in sport

We all complain that there are few controls, it is true but we have to apechugar when it touches us and not only to those who are moderately good or very good, also to the least elite, of whom we also undoubtedly suspect.

Personally I think that in the world of triathlon there is doping and I think there is a lot and of course in all categories. If I know that some will now say the typical, that our sport is pure, healthy that no one incurs these practices, but it is curious to go to a competition and hear phrases like this: "that goes up to the eyebrows", or "if this does not nothing was going on and now it goes like a motorcycle "," there should be more controls, people go with a free bar ". Well, they are phrases that you can hear in training, in competitions, in forums ... I also believe and I would be able to detect someone who is "happier" than I should go (You could all do it, right?).

Well Nolet is not an exception, surely there will be many more in specific points that I do not know but surely it would not be difficult to detect by the National Police. And athletes would surely be easy to catch someone buying for their own consumption.

In Spain the record is huge, it seems that nothing happens, in his day Gómez Noya declared in the Vanguard: "Spain has" very bad image "for its anti-doping system. Complaint that the poorly resolved cases have caused athletes to have to go through many controls by surprise.

The Galician athlete said that he and many Spanish athletes have met with "surprise" controls. "This is because they do not trust our anti-doping system, I do not have another explanation," he justified.

The triathlete explained that there is still "a lot" to be done and that the athlete who is dope should be "out" of professional sport.

Yes, we all agree, the athletes themselves, coaches, clubs, federations, all ... we should fight against this scourge. I do not feel any pity about being caught, and we can not "chulear ourselves saying that our sport is clean. Lets go! Nobody believes it.

A few days ago one of the most involved in the operation Galgo was definitely set apart, a little late yes, from competitive sport, Marta Dominguez,

Nolet and some more should move from where they are or were to the hell of the sport.

We want sports and clean athletes. As for napping is the subject. Tonight after releasing this I'm sure I'll sleep better, although I think we'll keep waiting, we'll keep complaining and that little will change before we see a ranking list of our Top 10 of triathlon cheats.

Do you remember the punk group Kaka de luxe ?, they would be laughing with this.

To me besides laughter it makes me sad.

Felipe Gutiérrez


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