The hour of the siesta of Felipe Gutiérrez: "AVILÉS is there. A World Cup just around the corner "

Felipe speaks with those responsible for the Duathlon World Championships in Avilés


The truth is that Asturias is being a meeting point of the world Duathlon since in 2011 Gijón hosted this event and five years later it will be Avilés who organizes it.

For an Asturian like me it is a pride that our land has that organizing spirit and that once again the best of this modality besides fighting for the medals know a little more our land, our customs and surely more than one would take away the foolishness with a good fabada and a sidrina.

I was born at 14 km from Avilés in the most beautiful town of Asturias, Luanco and during my adolescence I went every afternoon to train Suarez Puerta with my trainer Pepete and spent those afternoons on the athletic tracks and defending the colors of the AAA (Asociación Athletic Avilesina), that is, I carry all these sites in my heart.

Courage to all those interested in running this world, will have fun and enjoy our land.

I wanted to know the impressions of the President of the Asturian Federation about the progress of the Championship and I was surprised by her statements. Sharon Calderón He told us: " We are absolutely committed to the Avilés World Cup, and we have worked on it from the beginning, but for some time it has been impossible to work side by side with some people in the FETRI. Neither better nor worse than us, simply with a vision of teamwork totally different from ours.

I give you an example: for a team to work in a team duathlon, none of its components, however good it is or is created, can make decisions unilaterally and leave the rest of their teammates thrown away. We believe in the team, in the whole, and not in its components, in the individualities.

Maybe because triathlon is their modus vivendi, and not ours, they are hostages of certain allegiances. It is not our case, we want the best for the Duathlon World Cup, and the best, sometimes, is not the most beneficial"

Surprised I stayed and did not think that things were so tight, maybe the nerves of a world cup, I do not know, but I wanted to know the opinion of the other side and contact Jorge Garcia, Director of Competitions of the Fetri, to know his opinion before the declarations of the President of the Asturian Federation and this was what he told us: " In Avilés the FETRI works as in any National or international competition project in a coordinated way with the regional federations, and in the case of Avilés the Asturian Federation has had, has and will have the doors open to contribute and add to the project; not only with Avilés, but with the rest of the projects, as in the case of the Spanish Triathlon Coto by clubs to be held in Gijón".

Well, it only remains to iron out situations of this type if you can and achieve a great World Championship as Asturias and Aviles deserves it.

We are at 50 World Cup days, surely everyone has enough information, but if you want to know more, if you want to know everything you just have to enter their website

Today is not a day for a nap, today attentive and waiting to see you all in my land.

Oh and remember; "With fabes and sidrina nun fai gasoline is missing"

Photo: Yeray Menéndez

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