Nap time by Felipe Gutiérrez: «Dedicated to moms»

This week Felipe dedicates the column to the triathlete moms

Mother's Day is coming and how I have this space in News TriathlonI want to take the opportunity to remember and congratulate all the mothers and especially those triathletes moms that every day they have to do so many things.

Of course, I don't want to neglect in this congratulation all the sports mothers, and all the mothers who dedicate hours and hours to taking care of their “children” and who are undoubtedly their best followers in whatever they do.

Surely when you started triathlon the best words were from your mothers, they have taught you to be constant, to be patient, and of course to organize your whole life and even your backpack when you go to compete.

But especially and I take off my hat to those moms who, in addition to caring for and having their children in palms, also train one or two sessions every day to complete their daily training.

They get up early, maybe before taking the children to school they have already completed a roller session or after leaving them at school and before entering their work they do the corresponding swimming session.

They have to be attentive, maybe a call from school or a pick-up of children at the end of work is the prelude to a second training session, maybe more than an hour's career or whatever it touches.

Every time I know more practicing triathlon fortunately times change and can combine their schedules as they can.

I know a few, with a child or two or more and they "hang" on them in how many things they do.

How hard for these MORE TRIATLETS, my admiration and in what I can always have my support.

Of course there are many sports moms of other sports modalities, to them also my admiration.

And of course I can not put aside all our breasts, those who are not triathletes, or athletes, some are still alive and others have already left us, life ended for them, but we will always have them in our hearts.

Personally I like to “dream” with mine that left us years ago, I like in these hours of the nap to remember everything he did for me and I continue without a doubt to continue “dreaming” of her. On Sunday, which is Mother's Day, I will have that very special reminder, although I also have it on a daily basis.

Triathlete mom

What memories !, when they say a phrase like "eat something" or "you are very skinny" and many more that you all remember.

And when you came home after leaving everything messy ... and when you did not know where you had something very urgent to take and she found it without more and the first.

It is clear that the phrase so used of “Mother there is only one" It is the prologue of what we admire to ours, they are in the good and the bad, when we win and when we lose.

You have to enjoy them not only this Sunday, also every day of the year, that is the best tribute you can do them.

Many times we remember them when they are gone, in our naps as I said before “we dream many times with them, with an ideal world where they have to be.

Do not leave your love only for Sunday, show it to you every day of the year, let your triathlons go and share with you your workouts, arrival at the finish line, etc.… surely they will be the ones that will most value you.

And triathlete breasts support them even more if possible. Family members, friends, clubmates ... all this Sunday send your congratulations and during the year your admiration.

Thanks to a mother we are all here, it is worth continuing to dream of them who have no other choice.

To all simply THANK YOU MOM. Do not leave when it is not what you would like to have said when they were at your side. There is only the memory.

Surely on Sunday a tear will fall, she is still there inside you.

Finally, I would like those who do not know you to read Ana Casares' book MOM TRIATLETA, here you can see the review http://www.runners.es/noticias/elite/articulo/ana-casares-toda-una-mama-triatleta

Cover of the book Mamás trialteta by Ana Casares

The words in his blog of Yolanda Santos triathlete whom I train I think are in a way a tribute to all of you “triathlete moms” http://ysantos-triatlon.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/mama-triatleta-el-libro-de-ana-casares.html

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