The siesta time by Felipe Gutiérrez: "Thanks Ainhoa"

Felipe Gutiérrez speaks to us this week of Ainhoa ​​Murua, who participates in his fourth Olympic Games


Undoubtedly, the Spanish triathlon is in debt to you, I think that one day the Fetri will have to recognize you as the athlete and that includes the boys, that in more JJ. Has been present and that with the Rio Games will be four times Olympic . Almost nothing!

Many years ago I met Ainhoa, back in November of the 2002 I did an interview for Finisher that was published in the 31 number of January-February 2003, you have spent more than 13 years and is still here giving you day to day in training, competitions and always looking for that Olympic classification.

You have 38 years, that day you had 24 years and you practically had just come from the Cancun World Cup and despite the offers you had from several clubs you wanted to continue living in Zarautz, "I am very from town" you told me and there you stay faithful to your land , to your people.

I remember that his beginnings in sports were swimming in the Zarautz swimming club and beach soccer with the school.

His official triathlon debut was in Coria, it was very hot and I ended up in the hospital with 100 meters to reach the goal. "I thought I had a car", he told me.

She has a degree in Physical Education and in our interview I asked her: Don't you think about the Olympic Games? Ainhoa ​​told me: "I think being in the Olympics is difficult, there are very important people like Ana, Pilar, Maribel, Virginia ... and I imagine that new people will appear too. I see it difficult, but I am going to try it, and what comes out" Well, if it came out ...

At that time, Ainhoa ​​was very quiet, it was difficult to get her out of the yes or no more. A few days ago I spoke with her and we remembered those moments when I laughed at her for that.

In their home they speak fundamentally Basque and follow the principles of all life. She did not like the tape recorder in the interview or the camera, it was a pain for her.

Ainhoa ​​Murua fourth olympic games in zarautz

I remember asking her what her family thought of her dedication to triathlon.

Ainhoa ​​sighs and says (I remember it was in the 2003) " My mother despaired a little and at first I did not want to, as she told me it was too much, especially when I bring her clothes to wash. At home I do not count anything, I do not like to tell things. My father does not like that I do not tell him because he finds out in the street and I do not say almost anything. It bothers me to talk so much".

To Ainhoa ​​I hooked her Triathlon of her town, that of Zarautz, she knew people who ran it and she wanted to do the same, she has not taken advantage of it.

Her coach from the 2004 is Iñigo Múgica and her great support is Jon Unanue, they have been together for ..., they have the same vice, the triathlon and together they are seen practicing almost always when she is evidently for her land.

I rarely use this column to talk about someone specific, usually in my nap time I think about things that happen or that I see badly, or that ..., just once I dedicate it to the best Spanish triathlete Javier Gómez and this time I want to dedicate it to the best Spanish triathlete and will be in a JJ.OO for the fourth time. Almost nothing!

I would also like to include in this column the one that I knew as his first coach Pedro Garrido that I would like to have recovered from his accident. Ainhoa ​​told me that very recently he coincided with Pedro in Vitoria, what time those!

On this Wednesday there are no dreams or nightmares, only that I was excited to be able to thank AINHOA MURUA with capital letters for everything she has given and continues to give for triathlon, an example as a woman, true to her principles and always smiling the one I've never seen with bad faces or airs of arrogance despite being Olympic and be among the best of Olympism.

Do not worry Ainhoa ​​that if this Federation does not know how to reward you, value you, honor you will come others who will recognize it, after all the elections come already.

THANK YOU AINHOA your effort has not been in vain, you are a reference for many people, many girls talk about you and know you and would like to be safe where you have arrived. You can be proud of your effort, it's worth continuing to be on the front line.

Good luck in Rio.

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