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The siesta time by Felipe Gutiérrez: The story of a staircase in Elche.

This week Felipe tells us a story about one of the most famous triathlon ladders, that of the Elche Triathlon

Yes, this afternoon I dreamed, my nap choked and this time it was with a ladder. Also, this Sunday my face, arms… I didn't wear cream and that should never be forgotten, attentive triathletes to burns. I am a linnet, I have it clear and in this siesta this Wednesday with a little fever for the sun in Elche, he has given me the option of remembering the staircase or rather "dreaming" of it.

On Sunday many triathletes remembered the ladder, the mother who gave birth to the ladder and the steps that for many were a torture. The ladder among other things is a symbol in this triathlon and everyone who signs up knows where they are going and they know or soon they will know the pile of steps it has.

I want to pay this small tribute to the ladder and as a triathlete said as he climbed, "tomorrow I am going to come with dynamite and I am going to fly it", of course, in a humorous and suffocated tone.

The ladder has "5 stations" STARWAY TO HEAVEN (STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN) so you remember where you are, where your level is and on the side you have some posters that remind you of the moment you are living.

(1) The first sign that you find practically at the beginning of the first steps says: “Level "Come to na".

1st Stage Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

You already know that your level is rather low, here no one tries to stop so that no one tells him that of why do you come if you walk? Here everyone puts their effort to the fullest.

(2) A little further up the triathletes are: "Small level”, For those walks of Chiquito de la Calzada, ufff if you walk there and emulate him, bad, bad, bad, surely some spectator will smile.

2st Stage Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

(3) You reach the level "You who have" empatao ". We go as if they say that to you, Where are you going like this? Look, you still have a lot to train ...

3st Stage Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

(4) Higher is the level "machine". If you get there running you can already look up and smile at the public who are enjoying the magnificent suffering you are going through.

4st Stage Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

(5) If you get to the next poster you will see level “gods"You can already believe that you are the best there, at least you have the right to think about it.

5st Stage Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

finishing the Ladder of the Elche Triathlon

Well, you have to do this twice after running on the sand, on the road, and put on a face to enjoy so people will not think that you are an ash coming to run to Elche. As the organizer would say Ximo if you know how it is, don't complain and if not then don't come ”

It is clear that all of us who were in Elche have observed the ladder, the triathletes, running, walking or ... and we have thought that coming to the Elche triathlon has that little point that I have to take into account in the preparation.

Surely you all remember Led Zeppelin when he says:

"There is a lady who is sure
that everything that glitters is gold
and will buy a stairway to heaven.
When I get there she knows,
if the stores are closed,
that with one word you can achieve what was coming.
And he's going to buy a stairway to heaven ”

You can see Led Zeppelin's song in English and Spanish here, for sure you will understand later:

At the moment I only think that the stairway to heaven for everything is to rise to sports glory, from the first to the last one that crosses the finish line and what is certain is that with some he has been able to and these have a thorn nailed that he will possibly want remove it in future editions.

The triathlete never gives up.

Felipe Gutiérrez

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