Siesta time by Felipe Gutiérrez: "Ojito, this gets ugly"

Felipe tells us about the new order of the Ministry of the Interior on the authorization of sports events in our country


Although in some autonomous communities it already existed, now the Ministry of the Interior has just issued a new order on the authorization of sports events, especially the tests where cycling or run on Spanish roads. This order will "touch" fully our sport and in some cases we will hear the word "sunken" as when we played the boats.

What is already clear is that the organizers of tests could see their careers jeopardized a few dates of its celebration with the consequent upheaval, so beware this summer with the different triathlons that could have problems with these permits.

Some organizers have decided to wait and wait a little longer to be able to hire the services they carry in preparation for the test.

Let's see who is the brave who starts looking and buying gifts for the bags that deliver to the athlete or pay the federation fees, judges, officers, doctors, ambulances or even the possible company of timing. Everyone thinks to wait until they are sure what a year ago was practically a procedure. Logically they think it is the economic chaos that can result that a few dates of the celebration of the test comes an order or rather a refusal of not being able to hold the test.

As for napping with this news! The problem could be very fat. I guess the Fetri will be up to date and secure their tests before everything goes forward. I know they have had meetings with traffic, I know they have spoken, but the truth is that traffic has been talking since the time of my passage through the Fetri and it is going for four years that I am not there, It is difficult to make them understand that this It is a problem not only sports but also tourism, economic contribution to the area where there is a test, but we must also bear in mind that the Civil Guard traffic is more than overwhelmed with so many events and of course not only sports . The DGT does what it can with its sometimes scarce cash and with it they have to ensure road safety and in the end we are all citizens, those who go to a sporting event or the 20 carts that travel by road to go to such or what a pilgrimage

The people of the Civil Guard when this pile of events arrives, may not have a weekend to rest, there are so many events ...

It is logical, therefore, that the Ministry of the Interior will take action on the matter, although it will logically begin to harm us, as well as cyclists and cyclists.

As my friend Michel Galay, delegate of the Jaca Triathlon says "Now many tests are in danger, and if they meet the criteria they say, in case everything is in order, the date of presentation of the application, many Spanish Championships, Autonomous, tests with a lot of tradition, will be suspended, because it always goes to have another organizer who has submitted the application before".

And all because it seems that the order they send qualify this: "The new rule, more rigid than the previous one, toughens some aspects so that the Traffic Civil Guard grants the mandatory approval for the celebration of the event.

The new instruction of the General Directorate of Traffic reduces the number of tests that can be held simultaneously. In this way, if until the 3 in May the authorization could not be obtained for more than two events on the same day within the same Traffic Sub-sector, as of that date, no more than one sports event (competitive or no) or any other event that may affect the flow of traffic or road safety that requires escort services and / or surveillance of the ATGC (Traffic Association of the Civil Guard), by sub-sector and day, for operational reasons " .

Well, it is clear that the one who is faster to submit the application, permits and various papers will seem to be a preference, if you are the second you will have it complicated.

Things get ugly, but this who cares? Maybe only the organizers ... the clubs, the federations will possibly pass this problem, there are already enough tests some will think.

As for not having nightmares in the afternoon of a Wednesday in my "impossible nap" !, there are too many problems that do not let me stick my eye, another Wednesday ...

Photo: KM0 Triathlon

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