The hour of the siesta by Felipe Gutiérrez: ALL "we are triathlon"

Felipe tells us in his column about the FETRI elections this year and the future of the Spanish triathlon

Re-election of Jose Hidalgo in 2012


I do not understand very well because I learn that this weekend is the Assembly of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, I do not belong to her and some members seem to be a little nervous, I think I'm a little "marujo" and I find out everything. And not only those who come once a year, but also members of the Fetri who have to defend their projects, their excuses, their plans for the future.

Well actually I do not know what the future of this group is that currently governs the destinations of the Spanish triathlon, because in principle this will be the last time they meet as the cycle ends and at the end of the year or when the current Board of Directors says Elections will be considered.

The logical thing is that in this Assembly they will announce the dates of the next elections, but it is clear that until after the Rio Games nothing will move at all. Then we'll see.

I am also clear that this time if there is more than one candidacy, so the different "groups" will go to work to occupy the offices of Calle Ferraz.

Some of you ask me if I ... no, I do not think that I introduce myself as president of Fetri, but I assure you that I am in a group that is working for a new President. And I say this so that this is clear and nothing is misinterpreted, I always like to say things clearly and in my nap time, it is not difficult to sleep with so much bustle, I think about that group of work.

I like to work for the future of triathlon, after so many years in this world I just want to continue contributing things to triathlon.

Lo "we are triathlon"I think it smells like naphthalene, maybe we have to pose something different and to take advantage of the logo we may have to add" all "and thus be more participatory with" we are all triathlon ", very easy to take advantage of banners, posters, ideas, all , all, all, ... although maybe some prefer to continue putting what we are, we are, we are ...

Well the fact is that in the different meetings of the weekend, meetings of regional federations, Delegate Commission, Assembly maybe no one raise their voice and sound the applause without more, as a routine, a weekend in Madrid maybe justify everything, I hope that someone, that some member of that Assembly has read the documentation and asks something, doubts something, that if it is not going to win any vote there is always more "yes" than "no".

FETRI Assembly

It is curious to read an email sent by the Fetri to the members of the Board of Directors, Delegate Commission and General Assembly where they clarify some documentation sent and where the final result of the 2015 that came with a surplus 251.623,62 € varies and due to the adjustments the result is 198.623 €, that yes of surplus this year, although some federations are that trill since this surplus is based on what some jokingly call "the revolutionary tax" that must pay to the Fetri. So happy they are not very happy. But nobody will complain, I'm sure that someone still dreams of the trip to Rio, and that they show it.

Well at least nuance in the mail: the president after making arrangements with the Higher Council of Sports and the Professional Soccer League "will give all kinds of details about it." I suppose that also of the deficit accumulated in these years ..., more than anything for tranquility of all.

Read the accounts, I assure you that I have read them, they are ... I do not know how to define them, but in reality to me that gives me more, the Assemblymen are the ones who should read, debate and approve them, that would be logical.

It ends therefore a cycle where the different estates have had their prominence, I remember the moments of the elections where the two candidates were distributed "hosts like loaves" and four years later ... "all controlled", the truth is that such normality scares and those of us who live those are fools.

In addition to these Assembly I want to dedicate a paragraph to the chosen athletes and place a suspense to these representatives of triathletes, who never or very little have represented, were just good guys "placed" there by the opposition.

A pity, hopefully in the next the athletes are representing the athletes and not a possible candidate.

Well, it starts or soon a new cycle will start ...

Ufff I think it has been a dream, a nightmare, the siesta time has brought me ideas that I think are not real, that I only lived in that hour on Wednesday afternoon. I do not believe that everything described here is true, perhaps we should remember William Shakespeare who said "nothing is true or false, everything depends on the glass with which one looks"

With what crystal will the Assembly members look? We will keep you informed ...

Felipe Gutiérrez

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