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The hour of the siesta by Felipe Gutiérrez: "How long in the Triathlon?"

Felipe Gutiérrez speaks to us in his column about when he will be dedicated to triathlon



A few days ago a former triathlete and friend who had not seen for a while but who has come to his home for Christmas "like Famosa dolls" asked me at a dinner with which I shared with him and his family one of the issues that I've ever considered myself, I simply wonder: "Until when are you going to continue in the triathlon?"

Good question to start the 2016 and although at that time did not matter to him this afternoon at the time of my nap, my head took many turns and the truth is that I did not reach a clear conclusion.

But whenever this type of uncertainty happens to me I resort to one of the tricks that I have been using for some years and that I am going to reveal because I think that many would be good at some time.

The trick (to call it that) consists of "Think with your heart and feel with your head" Hey? You will ask some ... I can only tell you that those of us who have a device in our hearts do so much better, we know how to exchange feelings and thoughts, some advantage we have to have. But do not get discouraged, you can also get it, it only takes a little practice.

Even when?, uffff I went around, I raised questions, discarded options and in the end I think it would be better to have another Olympian in another Canoe triathlete, as in the 2000 we had Merchan in Sydney.

The challenge can be interesting, daring and even crazy, but certainly an exciting madness.

For the 2020 there are five years left and it could be the challenge to carry out and to say this at the beginning of January of the 2016 is something very daring and that surely more than one will have sketched a smile.

I called my friend, he was already at the airport and I told him. My project seemed great to him ... and he told me:Felipe, you have 28 years in the triathlonAnd I remember there by 1994 when after coming from the United States you told me that you had known a sport and blah, blah, blah ...

We start? ...we are going for it, in the Royal Canoe honor roll in the 2020 there must be another Olympian, Merchán will not be the only triathlete in that list that he shares with swimmers, water polo players, basketball players ...

Again my conscience or whatever, in that session of exchange of thoughts and feelings I enter into a spin and told me. But do you really know what you're getting into? Where will that figure come from for the 2020? And again you go around again, you already see yourself before the collective that is so diverse in the world of triathlon, the truth is that this has changed a lot, the triathletes do a triathlon one day and they are already ..., but that is not true It is bad at all, there must be different profiles so that many people come out special that can combine sport and studies and / or work.

I suppose some of you will think that it is a little crazy with so much time to think about this, but "we have to enjoy our follies", you know that thinking with your heart sometimes plays this type of snack and if you dare to feel with head…

Well this is my first column of the 2016 and I assure you that of the previous 56 this is the one that makes me more excited.

I will inform you ... the road to Tokyo has begun.

See you in Tokyo and if you do not leave ... there's always the 2024 nearby.

Felipe Gutiérrez

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