The Siestas by Felipe Gutiérrez

Today is Thursday, the day that Felipe Gutierrez told us about his nap on Wednesday, but this time we want to tell you sadly the end, hopefully temporary, of the Column of Felipe, after writing 80 columns.

The reason for this "break" is that Felipe has decided to start a new course with his candidacy within the team "Now we are triathlon" to this year's FETRI Elections as you all know, and the philosophy since Triathlon News was born is the total impartiality in this aspect, always working to communicate the news, promotion of sport, material, advice and content that have the most possible point of triathlon.

From Triathlon News, we can only thank the great work he does on a personal level in promoting sports from his "peculiar" point of view, it is difficult to ask someone like "Felipe" to write from impartiality and he has taken the decision to make a break in his naps in the middle.

Felipe, you know that you always have the open one so that we can all enjoy "your peculiar naps" on Wednesdays. We will miss you, meanwhile we wish you the best in the new paths you undertake.

Thanks, Felipe.

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