Artroactive sponsors 2012 Extreme Man

This year the three Extreme Man events to be held on the peninsula will have Artroactive as the main sponsor, whose commitment is next to the triathlete, that is, next to the person who wants to overcome their own limits.

Artroactive is the nutritional supplement that improves the performance of the athlete's joints and is an essential element of any intensive training strategy. In the three events of the Extreme Man: Getxo, Salou and Menorca, there will be numerous triathletes who will test their limits and their articulations, and all of them Artroactive wants to send a message of attention and awareness, so that they can continue competing without risks.

How do you think long-distance sports training in the joints influences?

We all know that doing sports regularly is beneficial for health. Specifically for joint health is a clear improvement because the joints have the ability to adapt to increasing loads of exercise, increasing the musculature, bone mineral density and strengthening tendons and ligaments.

The problem comes when the practice of sports is so intense that the ability to adapt the joints is exceeded so that they degrade quickly and can cause osteoarthritis.

Why is this joint nutrition so necessary?

The function of the joint cartilages together with the synovial fluid is to avoid friction between the joints and reduce the impacts, say that it is like a pad so there is no clash between joints. With overuse for intensive sports, these tissues are worn out, mucopolysaccharides are lost and the cartilage is reduced to disappear (osteoarthritis) and this is what has to be avoided to avoid being forced to stop.

What advice can be given so that this wear does not occur?

So that this joint wear is not so fast, the most important thing is to nourish the joint. Everyone knows that bones need calcium to be strong, and also that after intense exercise many minerals are lost that we must recover with isotonic drinks, but in the case of joints, athletes are not yet aware that they have to be nourished and as we have seen, they need mucopolysaccharides to maintain the elasticity and lubrication of the cartilage. Therefore it can be said that "calcium is bone like mucopolysaccharide to cartilage".

How does Artroactive work and how can it help prevent injuries and improve our quality of life / workouts?

Artroactive is composed of mucopolysaccharides and vitamin E and exerts a protective role on the cartilage metabolism, helping to prevent or delay its degradation. It is a natural nutritional supplement and above all necessary so that athletes are not limited and forced to stop. The elite athletes have already included it in their training and competition strategies.

People with joint or arthritis problems can perform this type of long-distance sport with care or other training that does not have much impact on the knees (treadmill for example)?

People with osteoarthritis in load joints (knee, hip) are not recommended to perform very intense physical exercise, or load sports with high impact as triathlon tests. Instead they can benefit from a program of gentle physical activity, for example hydrotherapy, a supervised plan of walking or Tai Chi. The strengthening of the quadriceps muscle seems to be beneficial in osteoarthritis.

There are only 17 days left to start the first of the appointments, in Getxo.

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