150 more spaces open for the Extreme Man by Artroactive of Menorca.

Due to the strong demand, and surpassing all expectations of growth, the good reputation of Extreme Man by Artroactive of Menorca has brought the number of registered to the maximum of 500 set by the organization. Two months into the test, Extreme Man opens the registration to 150 more people.

The test is known for its natural appeal and also for its spectacular circuits, with its peculiarities both by bike for its speed and on foot with the climb to the tower.

That the venue is Fornells, one of the most beautiful white villages on the island, also contributes to making it one of the most beautiful triathlons in the country.

Clemente Alonso, will try to revalidate his title for the third time, and will have Olivier Marceau and Xavi Llobet as main rivals to beat.

As parallel services, the organization has made available to the participants hotel offers with very low prices, transport service of bikes to boxes, and rental of bicycles, kayaks etc.

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