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Tri Cross receives the summer with a test in Boadilla

The Tri Cross Series circuit welcomed the summer with a spectacular and refreshing test in the town of Boadilla del Monte. A total of 400 participants took the start in the ninth edition of the Tri Cross Encinas de Boadilla, which again represented a great success in organization and participation. The countdown begins for the first Tri Cross of the Tagus, the next 15 of July in Fuentidueña del Tajo.

The arrival of summer is synonymous with heat, holidays, swimsuit ... but also Tri Cross Series. This was the belief of the 400 triathletes who signed up for the first round of the circuit that was held last Saturday in the town of Boadilla del Monte. Almost 20 kilometers of route divided between the spectacular surroundings of the Club Las Encinas de Boadilla and a perimeter circuit by the so-called Monte Norte.

The best time of the test corresponded to Héctor Guerra, who surpassed in more than three minutes the second classified, Jesus Bermejo, and the third, Yeray Toquero. Aurora Sejas, on the other hand, was the best of the females, followed on the senior podium by Delia Calderón and Pilar Llera. In the category of veterans won Ignacio Porras and Begoña Sánchez, who entered the third female position in absolute terms.

All of them received their prizes from Adolfo Arias (Councilor for Sports of Boadilla del Monte), Jorge Amérigo (Club Manager Las Encinas de Boadilla), Alejandro Ovejero (Board Member of the Board of Directors Activities) and Alberto Marchamalo (President of the Club Triathlon Committee). But in Du Cross Series all participants have a prize and from the first to the last received a bag of exclusive gifts which includes, among others, a pass of 10 days to any of the centers of Madrid of the Health gym chain City

The podium of the test was as follows:

Senior male:

1º Hector Guerra García (00: 56: 42)

2º Jesús Bermejo Cristóbal (01: 00: 12)

3º Yeray Toquero Rufas (01: 00: 26)


Senior women:

1º Aurora Sejas Luengo (01: 07: 55)

2º Delia Calderón Saturio (01: 08: 14)

3º Pilar Llera Fernández (01: 18: 11)

Male veteran:

1º Ignacio Porras Bueno (01: 05: 12)

2º Antonio Toledano Pérez (01: 06: 26)

3º Juan Antonio Baltar Rodríguez (01: 06: 37)

Female veteran:

1º Begoña Sánchez Vega (01: 12: 50)

2º Maribel Tahona Crespo (01: 13: 01)

3º Olga Villanueva Vázquez (01: 14: 55)

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