I have changed the way I step on the race and now I can not run. What can I do to recover?

This week in our TriFisio section, David Serra responds to Pablo, a 23-year-old Triathlon News reader who suffers from popliteal discomfort.


Hi David, I have not trained for almost two months because I was running with the popliteal muscle when I started, then I started with the bike, but when I do not play sports, it does not hurt me.

This comes by changing the tread when running (stepping on metatarsals) putting a lot of kilometers without previous adaptation. Now I'm going to the fisio once a week for massage and especially the soleos that's why the problem has come.

What can I do to recover?

Hi, Pablo,

According to what you probably tell me when I modify the tread a bit when running to step more with the metatarsal and when increasing the volume, the twins and the soleo have become overloaded.

You have to decrease the volume a little, but above all the intensity and the amplitude of stride, to force less the twins and the soleus. In addition, it would not hurt to check the height of the bicycle seat, normally in these cases lower the seat slightly helps to force less the sole and the twins.

Anyway, when you are recovered, the height of the seat should be appropriate in your case. Also an expert physiotherapist would have to assess if you have one leg longer than the other or the hip deviated, that would condition you a lot and could be a cause of your problem. With a rise in the cycling shoe and some templates could correct the problem quite a bit.

Concerning massages in the popliteo I do not advise you at all, it is a very delicate area because all the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels pass through this region. If you want to "release" the popliteo you have to relax the twins, the soleus and the hamstrings. A very effective treatment is Tecarterapia or Indiba Activ. They do not do it in many centers yet but it is worth it, especially if they have experience in this method. Another option is massages, but you go slower.

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