Does the lack of hydration in workouts and long tests can influence the muscles or joints?

As is Usual in Triathlon News, and in the Tri-Physio section in which David Serra collaborates, he answers a question that one of our readers sent us, Does the lack of hydration in training and long tests influence muscles or joints?

Photo: Marti Milla / Extreme Man Salou


David, answers the following:

Effectively we must take into account the hydration with water and electrolyte drinks in long tests, especially in hot seasons. Not only do we improve performance, we also avoid the possibility of injury, especially at the muscular level.

There are numerous studies that show that the adequate hydration during the practice of sport makes that we surrender more and injure ourselves less. We must hydrate before, during and after the test.

Each person drinks a different quantity of liquid depending on their weight, sex, age, level of effort, level of physical form, etc. It is also good to protect your head with a cap and throw water to go refrigerating the body, you must avoid the heat and hear the signals of our body.

The most advisable thing is that we visit some sports nutritionist to advise us on the issue of hydration and nutrition as often mistakes are made that can affect our health.

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