Alicante DuWhite 2013 duathlon headquarters.

The city of Alicante will host the first Duwhite Alicante duathlon test next January 27 organized by White Go For It ,, company responsible for organizing the TriWhite Cup 2012 circuit.



This test is made up of two outputs; on the one hand, the sprint start with a 5km run, followed by 20km by bike and ending with a 2,5km run and on the other, the super sprint start with 2,5km of run, followed of a 10km bike route and 1km of running to finish the test. The circuit has been developed on the routes defined for the running and cycling segments of the TriWhite Alicante triathlon event.
Registration is scheduled for the first week of January.
More information in [email protected]

There are no previous results.

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