Bermuda and Abu Dhabi will host the Grand Final of 2021 and 2022

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The ITU Executive Committee has held two days of meetings in the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, prior to the ITU Grand Triathlon World Final, to discuss and decide important issues, including the 2019 competitions calendar, the new ones services for the National Federations and the cities that will host the 2021 and 2022 Grand Finals.

After reviewing the tender of different cities interested in hosting the main events, the ITU Executive Committee has decided that the 2021 ITU Grand Final will take place in Bermuda, and Abu Dhabi host the 2022 Grand Final. The Committee also discussed the 2020 edition of the Multisport Championships, and decided to award the honor to Almere, in the Netherlands.

"I am really pleased with the hard work we have done, especially with regard to two main aspects for our future as an organization: the cities interested in organizing one of our main events and development programs, and the way we work with the Federations Nationals so that our sport continues to grow to take it to a new level of participation and commitment"Said Marisol Casado, President of the ITU and Member of the IOC.

"I feel very confident that with the work done during the past year, and the commitment of all the members of the Committee and the ITU staff, we will continue to push our organization to reach a new level.

 We have more presence and influence now in the Olympic and Paralympic movement, our financial state is fine, we are still a model of good management and we have our Strategic Plan in practice. We are also marking the way for the next few years, so we can proudly say that the 2018 year has been excellent in every way for us"He added.

The Committee knows that the three Organizing Committees that will develop the main events in the coming years - Bermuda, Abu Dhabi and Almere - will guarantee the level of excellence that these events require, and are convinced that we will work together to keep our sport growing.

One of the main issues discussed at the Executive Committee meeting was the review of the competition structure for the coming years, trying to find a balance in events in different parts of the world and extend the calendar to give as many opportunities as possible to that all athletes can compete near their continents. The members of the Committee also reviewed the 2019 calendar, which will be presented at the Congress.

The current environment is changing, so to ensure ITU's global leadership within the sports community, the Committee continued to work on good management practices and the Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.

After receiving reports from the Continental Presidents about their activities in these last 12 months, the Committee also reviewed the newly created National Federations Services department, to establish and maintain ongoing communication and build strong relationships with all the National Federations, and help that members develop triathlon within their territories. A new concept of development events has been approved in this regard.

The Committee also approved the 2018 budget that will be presented for approval in Congress.

The next meeting of the Committee will be in November in Luxor (Egypt).

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