Acuatlón Community of Madrid Championship and Open Time Trial for Team Triathlon Canal de Isabel II

Tres Cantos hosted the Acuatlón Community of Madrid Championship this weekend as well as the Open Time trial by Triathlon Canal de Isabel II teams

Madrid 24.09.2012.-Sara Pérez, from the CT Diablillos de Rivas club and Alberto Gonzalez Gil, Tri-Val Triathlon Valdemoro won the Madrid Aquathlon Championship held this weekend in the town of Tres Cantos, while CT Diablillos from Rivas once again showed their leadership by prevailing in both the men's and women's categories in the Open event of the Madrid Time Trial Team Championship

This weekend the town of Tres Cantos has hosted the Acuatlón Madrid Championship in what has been the last scoring round of this season for the Canal de Triathlon Cup of Isabel II and that has run on the distance of 2,35 km of race on foot, 0,900 km of swimming to finish with 2,35 km of running race.

At the 12.30 on Saturday morning, the women's event began, which was very disputed until the end of the race. At first the young Ana Mariblanca, cadet category, took the advantage over their pursuers, entering the first transition at the head of the race and fighting to the end where he gave the leadership to Sara Pérez, CT Diablillos de Rivas, which was proclaimed Champion of Madrid de Acuatlón, being the third place on the podium for Guiomar Quiñones.

In the men's category, the situation was repeated, with Alberto Gonzalez Gil, Tri-Val Triathlon Valdemoro, followed by Luis Miguel Sánchez Rosado and Angel Salamanca as third placed.

In the afternoon session it was possible to enjoy the Open Triathlon Open Competition by Triathlon teams, being the last scoring event for the Canal de Isabel II Triathlon League and consisting of its 690 course, 17,6 cycling to finish with 4,65 km of running race.

In the afternoon the first start for the women's category began to give minutes later the first starts in the men's category.

CT Devils of Rivas was imposed with full authority in both tests, in a very disputed tournament where more than 30 clubs of the Community of Madrid fought for these first positions of Podium and where also the team X3M gave the surprise with the presence of 2 equipment in female category and 6 teams in men's category

More information and results:

Acuatlón Women's Clubs:
CT Devils of Rivas
Ecosport Triathlon Alcobendas
Claveria Triathlon
Acuatlón Clubs Masculina
CT Devils of Rivas
Marlins Triathlon Madrid
Tri-Val Valdemoro Triathlon
Female Aquatlon
Sara Pérez, CT Diablillos de Rivas
Ana Mariblanca Juanas, CT Diablillos de Rivas
Guiomar Quiñones Ledesma CT Imps of Rivas
Male Aquatlon
Alberto Gonzalez Gil, Tri-Val Valdemoro Triathlon
Luis Miguel Sánchez Rosado CT Diablillos de Rivas
Angel Salamanca Colmenarejo CTOA
Open Madrid (Feminine)
CT Devils of Rivas
Marlins Triathlon Madrid A
Clavería A
Open Madrid (Male)
CT Devils of Rivas
Marlins Triathlon Madrid
Ecosport Triathlon Alcobendas

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