Iván Heruzo and ICAN share their experiences and work methods

triathlete Iván Herruzo, who will be one of the luxury guests to the next edition of the ICAN Málaga, They have returned to join forces in one of those sport mini-gatherings, where triathletes who want it can soak up the working methods of the best.


This year, in its sixth edition, the so-called Stage Rayotraining has hosted more than 70 triathletes, among which the presence of Victor del Corral, Richard Calle o Alvaro Rance, in addition to several collaborators who have made possible a great weekend in the Catalan town of Cambrils.


In this edition were more than 160 km of cycling in two outings, 30km on foot in two sessions, one of swimming technique thanks to the collaboration of Tere Fullana (TF swim), or the aforementioned Richard, Álvaro and Víctor. There were also theoretical sessions, as well as a round table with several speakers in which answers to the concerns of the attendees were given.


Several gifts were distributed, such as an inscription for appointments ICAN. A travel bag was also delivered, thanks to Esportissim, material coreevo of Vitalnutritech, and an Argon box was raffled thanks to Guillem Lladó.


Ivan Herruzo, organizer of the event, was very satisfied with the course of the stage and is confident that, with the help of projects such as ICAN, he can continue to improve in future editions by repeating a massive participation year after year.

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