Jesús Gomar TOP 10 in the European Cup ETU Triathlon of Banyoles

The Spanish Jesus Gomar, after making a great performance entered the eighth of the competition.



Alexandra Cassan Ferrier and Mark Buckingham have been proclaimed winners in a spectacular and sunny competition of the European Cup ETU Triathlon, held this July 27 in Banyoles.


The female elite has been responsible for opening the 9: 00 competitions in the morning, in which participants have entered the Lake Banyoles to face two swimming laps by one of the emblems of the Girona town. The American was the great dominator in these first 1,5 km, leaving the water in the lead with an advantage of more than 30 seconds on a group chasing about ten triathletes among which were the Spanish Ana Mariblanca, Maria Ortega and Sara Perez.


The first laps of the cycling segment were led by a group of 19 triathletes including Mariblanca, Ortega and Pérez, who would increase their advantage throughout the six cycling laps. From behind a group of four with Miriam Casillas, Tamara Gómez, Katie Hewison and the American Jones, tried to reach them without success. Thus, after the 40 km of cyclists traveling through the vicinity of Banyoles, the leading squad entered the second transition.


After a swift passage through the pit area, New Zealander Anneke Jenkins came out commanding the first meters of the foot race. After the first lap, Lois Rosindale took the lead alone, followed by Felicity Sheedy-Ryan, Alexandra Cassan Ferrier and Jenkins. The British Rosindale would see her advantage cut short, and as she passed through the second of the three laps of the race on foot, and after an arduous fight with Cassan Ferrier, she was overtaken by the French.


The gala would no longer yield the lead, to cross the finish line and win his first title in a European Cup. Behind, veteran Felicity Sheedy-Ryan achieved the silver medal. The Australian made a splendid stretch of the race on foot and finished just eight seconds behind the winner. The podium was completed by Rosindale, signing the bronze medal.


For her part, an unrestrained María Ortega achieved the 16th place; Miriam Casillas came back to 18th position after a good race on foot; Ana Mariblanca got the 19th position after staying in the leading group for a good part of the competition; Sara Bonilla entered 20th making a great race on foot; Tamara Gómez, who was returning to the competition after several months injured, entered 21st position; Sara Pérez obtained the 22nd place after remaining in the front group and Anna Flaquer, got the 23rd place.

The male elite comes into action
Then came the turn for the male elite, with a large Spanish representation. The American Ben Kanute starred in the initial segment of swimming and left the Estany de Banyoles leading the competition.

Then a group of more than 30 triathletes took the lead in the competition, with a chasing block remaining 50 seconds from the lead. Despite some escape attempts in the large leading group, even with the young Antonio Serrat as the protagonist, they were quickly neutralized. With two laps to go, the first chasing group managed to merge with the leaders and in this way a large group of about 50 triathletes entered T2.


The British Mark Buckingham, (fourth in the World Cup held in Banyoles in 2012) managed to impose his strong stride leading the test at the exit of T2. Behind, the Spaniards Jesus Gomar and Jordi García left a few meters away from the Briton in a second group.


The heat hindered the last segment of a competition in which Gomar stood out in a remarkable way. The triathlete of Gandía was placed in front after the first lap of the race pulling the front group of about seven triathletes. After two of the three laps of the segment, Gomar retained the lead. However, after his stop in the penalty box, the Spanish triathlete was relegated from the first places, losing his options to get on the podium. Even so Gomar struggled to connect with the leading group, finishing in a splendid eighth place after offering a great performance.


While Buckingham took advantage of his powerful run on foot to get ahead and get a comfortable victory. The Australian Peter Kerr was the next to cross the finish line to 22 second of the British to hang the silver medal and the New Zealander Sam Ward reached the bronze medal to 25 seconds of Buckingham.

At the same time, Pablo Dapena achieved an outstanding 11th position after remaining in the head core during the contest; Uxio Abuín acceded to the 16th place; Arturo Galián entered 17th; Lucas Mola, 18th; Luis Miguel Sánchez, 19th; Antonio Benito, 21st; Emilio Aguayo, 22 °; Jordi García, 26th; Diego Paz, 31st; Antonio Serrat, 36th; Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, 39th; Albert Parreño, 41st; Aleix Domenech, 42nd; Fernando López de Sagredo, 44th; Pau Castellvell, 46th; Genis Grau, 49th; Amancio Guerrero, 51st; Alejandro Cañas, 52nd and David Castro, 54th. For their part, Ricardo Hernández, Nan Oliveras and Rodrigo Torres had to retire during the competition.



Photos:Harold Abellan


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