Madrid will continue in Phase 0

It has already been confirmed that the Community of Madrid, will continue in Phase 0 of the de-escalation, as it had already been leaked to the media.

This has been confirmed this Friday by Minister of Health Salvador Illa, the Community of Madrid will not advance to phase 1 of the 'lack of confinement' as of Monday, May 11

The same measures are maintained as until now

Staying in phase 0 implies that in Madrid  The measures implemented up to now must be maintained.

There will be keep terraces, hotels and tourist accommodation closed, in addition to that it will not be possible to resume the agri-food and fishing sectors, nor the churches or high-performance centers.

The Ministry of Health, which is in charge of approving or rejecting the phase change of each region, nor has still detailed what are the specific criteria by which this decision has been made

What can be done in Phase 1?

Regarding the general population, we highlight:

  • Will be allowed meetings of up to 10 people at home or on the terraces
  • La terrace opening at 50%,
  • El carpooling by the inhabitants of the same domicile
  • La store opening less than 400 square meters with a maximum capacity of 30%.
  • Outdoor markets at 25% of its capacity
  • The  displacements are restricted to the same province where the usual address is located.

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