Discover the best triathletes in history at IRONMAN

17 supermen have entered the hall of fame IRONMAN

The Hall of Fame IRONMAN was created in 1993 with those triathletes who have made the most famous race in the world grow

IRONMAN Hall of Fame - 2013

1993 Dave Scott
1994 Julie Moss
1995 Scott Tinley
1996 Paula Newby-Fraser
1997 Mark Allen
1998 John Collins
1999 Valerie Silk
2000 Tom Warren
2001 Dr. Bob Laird
2002 Bob Babbitt
2003 Gordon Haller/ John MacLean/ Lyn Lemaire
2004 Greg Welch
2005 Jim Maclaren
2008 Team Hoyt - Rick and Dick Hoyt
2011 Mike Reilly
2012 Graham Fraser
2013 Peter Henning

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