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Explanatory note QH Triathlon date

Clarifications of the organization before the press release issued by the Aragonese Triathlon Federation in which it disavows the celebration of QH Triathlon


Before the press release issued by the Aragonese Triathlon Federation in which it disavows the celebration of QH Triathlon, a test organized jointly by the Peña Ciclista Edelweiss and Octagon Esedos and scheduled for the 7 in July, the organization wishes to show its surprise and discomfort for such decision and regrets that the Aragonese Federation has decided to lose in its calendar the event with the greatest projection in the history of the triathlon in Aragon.


The change of date was agreed with the City Council of Sallent de Gállego to deseasonalize the direct economic impact on the territory that other events and events produce in the area and avoid coincidence, such as the Pirineos Sur Festival; the Mayor Festival of the municipality or the dewatering of water that takes place in Lanuza always after the South Pyrenees.


It is also worth noting that the geographic enclave of Sallent de Gállego, of great scenic beauty, is an environment in which it is not feasible to organize an event of this kind with success guarantees throughout the year, but only for two months concrete.


The organization wishes to record that the procedure for requesting a date for the celebration of QH Triathlon was made last 9 in November, within the time period required and complying with the required application form.


The own Aragonese Federation was the one that accepted and announced the date of said test, publishing it in its calendar of events for 2013.
In fact, for more than a month, QH Triathlon was the only test that was publicly visible to anyone who wanted to check the official website of the institution.


Subsequently, and once it was seen that the Federation itself announced it in its calendar of 2013 events, the organization of QH Triathlon, understanding the date as confirmed, officially announced the date of celebration of the event.


Therefore, it is considered that the Aragonese Triathlon Federation had full knowledge of the date requested by the organization to celebrate the triathlon QH, date that had also accepted.


However, and to the great surprise of the organization, it is the Federation itself that this week and without prior notice decides to make public the non-authorization of QH Triathlon.


Therefore, the organization of QH Triathlon is scheduled to meet in the near future with the heads of the Aragonese Triathlon Federation to try to resolve this issue and reach an agreement favorable to all parties.


While waiting for this meeting, and given that the celebration of the event is confirmed, the registrations for this test continue open through the official website www.quebrantahuesos.com .


To the triathletes that already participated in the last edition, the registration system will automatically apply an 50% discount on their registration for this year if they make it before the 28 in February. Therefore, for them QH 2013 Triathlon will cost 70 euros

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