The second edition of EXPOBIKE, the cycling and triathlon fair, was presented at IFEMA

With only one edition behind him, EXPOBIKE  takes a step forward in its goal of becoming the benchmark fair in Spain in the cycling and triathlon sector. And this, thanks to the alliance that has been recently sealed by IFEMA and EXPOBIKE Solutions for the incorporation of the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid at the head of the organization of the event.


The second edition of  EXPOBIKE 2013, to be held in Feria de Madrid, from September 13 to 15, represents the consolidation of this show, which is incorporated into the official IFEMA calendar, and a boost to the projection of this meeting both nationally and internationally. IFEMA's experience in trade fair management, with a market share of 40% in Spain, backed by more than 80 annual appointments, 32.000 exhibiting companies and 2 million visitors, will be an important asset for this new project, which is already underway. last edition it got a wide reception among professionals and the general public.


In effect, the organization of the second edition of EXPOBIKE by IFEMA is supported by the good results achieved in its first call and by its consolidation as the only professional event in Spain. Held in 2012, it managed to gather more than 200 exhibitors and brands, and a total of 17.000 visitors, 2.000 of them professionals, national and foreign, with a satisfactory assessment of the event as a promotional and business platform, and as a meeting point for the sector .


In this sense, IFEMA's contribution and its specialization in the organization of professional fairs will reinforce the interest and need to have in Spain a professional fair and a meeting space for the sector, today so demanded by this emerging industry that is knowing an important growth. Likewise, it will come to deepen the objective of becoming an international benchmark, as justified by the enormous growth in the passion of fans for cycling and triathlon in Spain, as well as the great successes that have starred and continue to star at international level our athletes.


Mixed formula: professional and general public

The fair, which maintains its mixed formula, will be a unique space where professionals from the sector and the public can access all kinds of information and products related to the world of cycling and triathlon. In fact, it will dedicate its first day on Friday, September 13, to professionals in the sector, opening to the general public on Saturday and Sunday -14 and 15-, who will have the opportunity to see a complete overview of the sector through an offer that includes from bicycle brands, clothing, fashion, cycling accessories and accessories, to triathlon material and accessories, cycling tourism and technology and biomechanics applied to cycling, through health and nutrition, new products, competitions and clubs and organizations officials and federations.


The only Triathlon Fair

One component of EXPOBIKE is the direct sale to the end customer, which represents a special attraction for the visitor and an invitation and opportunity to associate with an emerging sport with great growth potential and great social interest. To them is added another particularity of the contest, such as being the first Triathlon fair in Spain, a sport on the rise in our country, with great athletes and very good promises. A sport with many followers by combining three disciplines in the same test. The Fair will feature the presence of prominent triathletes, physical trainers, nutritionists ... who will give practical workshops within the framework of the contest in its activities scene.


Special events

EXPOBIKE will organize different side events for fans of the Cycling and triathlon: competitions, conferences, talks, etc. In addition, within the fair itself, there will be different leisure spaces for visitors and exhibitors to enjoy their favorite sport.


The bicycle industry

Spain manufactured in 2011 a total of 275.000 units, which represents approximately 2 of the EU quota. Sales reached 3 units, 780.000% of the European Union, with the average selling price being 4 euros, slightly lower than France and Italy, and well below Germany and the Netherlands, which is situated, the latter country at 250 eros. Sales per 746 inhabitants stand at 100 bicycles a year, ranking 1 out of 6 countries, compared to 19 in Denmark, 27 in the Netherlands, an average of 9 in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, and 7'5 in Italy. In terms of accessories, the main producing country is Italy, with 2% of the EU market share, followed by Germany, with 9% and Romania, with 31%.

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