Carolina Routier and Mario Mola, set-up in Banyoles

Two of our most outstanding triathletes, Carolina Routier and the recent winner in the World Series of London, Mario Mola, These days they are doing a small pre-season in the Girona town of Banyoles.



Together with both Spanish triathletes they are also training in the town of Girona, under the supervision of their coach Joel Filliol, the internationals Richard Murray, David Mcnamee, Rachel Klamer and Vendula Frintova. Shortly they will be joined by other international figures such as Joao Silva, Sarah Groff, Kyle Jones and Tommy Zaferes.


All of them will be concentrated in Banyoles during the next months, until the end of August, with the sights set on the Edmonton Grand Final.


Next to the Canadian event, they will also finalize their preparation for the next rounds of the Triathlon World Series, starting with Chicago at the end of this month (28-29), to then attend the Hamburg event to be held in mid of July (12-13) and later to dispute the stage of Stockholm between the 23 and 24 of August, before setting course towards the Great End of Edmonton.


A set-up before facing the decisive final phase of this season, in which Mario Mola she is reaping magnificent results and in which the triathlete from Banyoles is also performing at a high level.


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