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1 year and a half in jail for the driver who fatally ran over a cyclist in Andújar (Jaén)

A year and a half, plus 185.176 € of compensation has been the conviction

La Cadena Ser reports in a statement that the Criminal Court number 3 of Jaén has sentenced to a year and a half in prison to JJG, of 70 years, as the author of a crime of homicide for serious imprudence. He is condemned for the deadly run over by a cyclist in Andújar on the 14 of September of 2014. In addition, together with the insurance company, you must indemnify the family of the deceased in 185.176 euros.

The accident, according to the sentence, happened at the intersection of the A-311 highway with the A-315. The defendant "due to a lack of attention, invaded the central waiting lane, in the Andújar direction" through which the victim, JAMS, 56, was driving a bicycle.

The sentence adds that the defendant, "in addition to not strictly adjusting the speed of the vehicle he was driving to the circumstances of the road", carried out "inattentive and careless" driving because "only in this way" can it be explained that "the defendant did not notice that a cyclist was circulating in the center waiting lane.

It is also established that the cyclist, who died instantly as a result of the impact, "was circulating correctly in the center lane." And it is that the daughter of the deceased, Violeta Martínez, on the day of the trial declared to the media that the only thing she was demanding was justice, but not jail for the driver, since that would not "give her anything", and what the family of the victim was that "the truth be known" and that the case serves to raise awareness in society, and so that there are no more deaths like that of his father.

"I do not want him to go to prison, I do not wish him harm, I just want the truth to be known and justice to be done," said the daughter of the deceased cyclist. She has insisted that her only objective is that "the case be known" and that it be proven that her father "acted correctly and did not commit any infraction."

Both Violeta and her mother are linked to the 'Vida al Ciclista' Association of Jaén, a collective that has been working for three years to raise awareness among drivers and society in general that they must respect and maintain a safe distance from those people. that circulate on a bicycle.

From Triathlon News we work to try to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to inform about good behavior and the regulations to avoid these tragic news.

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