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3 cyclists deceased this Saturday on Spanish roads

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We got up with another bad news on the Spanish roads, as yesterday there were several accidents where three cyclists have died and two more have been injured.

Three cyclists have died and a fourth has been injured this Saturday morning in different accidents on the roads of Navarra.

Last minute, these 3 deaths have to add another in Oliva

The first cyclist has died in Erice de Iza; the second, in Lodosa and the third, in Urbasa. In addition, a fifth rider has been injured after being hit by a truck crane in Bétera (Valencia).

The deceased is a neighbor of Zizur de 55 years that circulated in parallel with another cyclist in the Vitoria sense. According to the first data provided by the Provincial Police, the man has invaded the road and has been hit by a vehicle that circulated in the same direction and whose driver has tested negative in alcohol and drugs.

At the 11.04, SOS Navarra was warned about the death of another cyclist, from 56 years, on a rural road in the municipality of Lodosa, where the facts are still unclear.

The Provincial Police has reported the death of a third cyclist in the NA-7183, in Urbasa. . In addition to these three cyclists who died in the Autonomous Community, a fourth has been transferred to the Hospital Complex of Navarra after suffering a fall to the 8.53 in the NA-2040, in the term of Arce.

On the other hand, a cyclist has suffered a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a truck crane on a road in Bétera (Valencia) and remains hospitalized in València with a reserved prognosis. The accident has occurred at the 7.20 at kilometer six of the CV-310 highway, which runs from Godella to Bétera, when for reasons that have not been specified a cyclist has been run over by a crane, as explained by the thin Government in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Moragues.

Another tragic weekend on our Spanish roads. From Triathlon News we work to try to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to raise awareness of good behavior and regulations to avoid these tragic news. Then we leave a series of links where various scenarios are shown and how to act before them

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