Alberto Contador does the Everesting in Navapelegrín

The Madrid media cyclist Alberto counter He has done one of his brutal bike workouts again.

This time has completed the 8.848 meters of positive elevation gain accumulated that equate to the  Everest height, the so-called Everesting, in the climb to Navapelegrín, climbing the hardest kilometer 78 times the hardest kilometer

What is an Everesting?

An Everesting consists of repeating a climb until completing a positive drop of 8.848 meters, the altitude of Mount Everest.

A few days ago, after several climbs to the port of La Morcuera, Contador joked about the possibility of facing Everesting, which in the end has been encouraged.

The challenge, 78 climbs to the hardest kilometer

The Navapelegrín is an ascent near the Puerto de Navacerrada that begins in the Pradera de Navalhorno and reaches 1.700 meters of altitude after 6,5 kilometers.

It is a narrow climb, barely three meters wide, it presents its platform, but with a good asphalt.

The Everesting Challenge of Alberto Contador focused on the hardest kilometer of this climb, thousand meters with apaverage mean close to 12% and highs about 20%.

To complete it, the man from Madrid climbed this kilometer 78 times.

Navapelegrín Port
Navapelegrín Port

These are the data of Strava
  • Distance: 148,71 km
  • Time: 7:33:37
  • D +: 8.964 m
  • Medium power:
  • Average speed:

«Everesting madness completed, thanks to your messages I was encouraged and I did it, more than seven hours pedaling and 8848 meters ascended. » Alberto commented on his Instagram 

“These are very busy days, preparing to launch the bicycle, which is very close.

We wanted to test some materials and also check their behavior in very specific environments, hence the exhaustion.

The other day we were joking with the achievement of the challenge and a lot of comments encouraged us to do it ».

By downloading and comparing the data, the Everesting challenge website confirms that the challenge has been overcome, "explains Alberto Contador himself.

Source: the world

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