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Alberto Contador suffers a fall at home and fractures a rib

The ex-cyclist media Alberto counter today he suffered a fall at home breaking a rib

The former rider explained that the fracture was made after suffering "a hard blow at home" and tugged on his good mood, as it is  the first time you suffer such an injury  despite his long career within the professional squad.

Alberto commented on his social networks: »

«Good and last workout for a while, first time in my life that I broke my rib.

It had never happened to me despite the number of times I have kissed the asphalt at more than 50km / h, a hard blow at home and crack!
The clock begins to recover!«

Alberto has been doing some brutal training for a few weeks, where he managed to do the Everesting , or go up 6 times in a row to Morcuera port  or the rrecord in the World Ball.

Now after this accident, we will have to wait to see his crazy training in the Sierra de Madrid.

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