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Alejandro Valverde: «I do not rule out continuing after 2021»

The Spanish cyclist Alejandro Valverde de Movistar Team confessed in an interview on the official channel of his team, that 2021 may not be the year of his professional retirement

Alejandro Valverde: «I do not rule out continuing after 2021»

Your goal the games

«The Games are the Games and if everything goes well and my physical condition remains as I am, I will fight for it.

But there are very nice races like Lombardy that can be on my record. It is very difficult. Any race is nice to try to win".

Valverde commented that his preparation this season was aimed at the Tokyo 2020 games and that now will try to arrive in the best conditions to Tokyo 2021.

You can even continue in 2022

In fact, in the interview, he pointed out that it may extend his career to 2022. «If this had not happened, I would say that 2021 would be my last year, at 41 years old and that's fine«,

«PBut as it has been a very different year, they have not let us run, right now I would tell you that I do not know if 2021 would be a very last year, maybe I would talk to Eusebio about we are going to give him half a year more or one more, I do not rule it out.

Now I have until 2021 as a runner but I do not rule out continuing a little more. You have to see how my body responds, but today my feelings are not bad".

Give up your bike for a good cause

In addition, Valverde, who gave up his world champion bike for the Red Cross Respond project, encouraged society when he is confident that the end of the COVID-19 crisis is approaching. «Give a lot of encouragement to everyone, which is a fat crisis, but we are getting closer to overcoming it".

The Movistar Team and cyclist Alejandro Valverde are going to raffle the bicycle with which they have participated in 2019 wearing the World Champion jersey

Alejandro Valverde bicycle raffle
Alejandro Valverde and the Movistar Team raffle the 2019 Canyon Ultimate bike

With this, they want to add their grain of sand and raise funds to fight the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

The Red Cross will receive donor contributions as part of the 'Red Cross Responds' project, which will make it possible to help the neediest families and the health system in their fight against the coronavirus.

What is raffled is the road bike Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Team MOV with whom he played a large part of the 2019 season as World Champion.

Where to participate

The deadline to participate in the draw will last until May 10 and will be through the website:


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