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A driver runs over and injures a cyclist in Granada.

Detainees have tested positive for drugs and alcohol

As reported by the newspaper Ideal, the Civil Guard has ddetained three individuals of Polish nationality, as alleged authors of the ran over a cyclist on the old N-323 road (Granada)

Detainees have been charged with cundulate under the influence of alcoholic beverages y Narcotic substances, driving without a license, omission of the duty to help and injuries.

A Spanish citizen, a neighbor of the annex of Casanueva-Pinos Puente, an individual of forty-two years of age, has also been investigated for his complicity in the events: he was the person who rented the vehicle that the detainees were driving and refused to provide any information on where they were after they had fled.

They ran her over and fled without giving her help

The collision occurred in the old N-323 road, to height of kilometer 146, in the municipality of Otura, around 9:30 am on July 28.

The victim was riding his bicycle when he was hit laterally by a Fiat Punto tourism which was occupied by three individuals.

When checking the condition of the hit woman, they fled in the vehicle without giving her any kind of help.

Serious admission

The woman had to be evacuated to the Traumatology hospital in Granada where she was admitted in serious condition.

Eyewitnesses key

Eyewitnesses were only able to write down the numbers of the license plate and the model of the car that hit the cyclist, and they gave them to the agents of the Traffic Subsector of the Granada Civil Guard who immediately arrived at the scene of the accident.

With the information provided by the witnesses, the Traffic agents found out that it was a rental vehicle and that the person who had rented it was a neighbor from Casanueva who refused to collaborate with the agents, so he was later investigated as an accomplice to the detainees.

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard had alerted all the patrols of the Granada Command that they were on duty that morning to locate and intercept the escaped vehicle.

The car located in NIgüelas.

Finally, the car and the alleged perpetrators of the attack were located by the Citizen Security Unit of the Armilla Civil Guard Company in the town of NIgüelas.

None of the occupants had a driving license

The Civil Guard identified them, verified that none of them had a driving license and that all three showed evident symptoms of being under the effects of alcohol or narcotic substances; They underwent an alcoholic and drug impregnation test, and all three tested positive for both.

The Civil Guard then carried out a photographic examination and the victim recognized the driver of the vehicle without hesitation.


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