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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Road cycling deaths increase in 2017, 44.

The number of cyclists killed in traffic accidents increases from 33 to 44 in this 2017

The data of the last iAccident report (which computes the victims on interurban roads with data counted at 24 hours) suppose the worst figure since the 2012, when 1.304 deaths were registered. The number of fatalities already exceeded on December 19 that of all of 2016, making 2017 the second consecutive year which increases the number of deaths on the road after 14 followed by descents.

LDGT announces a new driving test to stop road deaths after the worst data since the 2012

La General direction of traffic (DGT) has announced a package of measures to cut this drain that in 2017 claimed the lives of 1.200 people in 1.067 accidents, the worst figure in five years. For this, the DGT has announced a new traffic law for February, with the reform of the exams and the revision of the card by points. In this line, "is about to approve" the measure that will enable repeat offenders for crimes related to alcohol and drug use to lose their license if so ordered by a doctor.

You can see the summary of the measures in this video published by Anna González López on her social networks


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