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Video: Incredible but true. A truck driver assaults two cyclists with a hammer

In the video you can see how the driver hits a cyclist with a hammer. 

The driver of a wooden truck that operates in Ence Is being investigated after brutally attacking the cyclist.

Authorities are investigating the driver of a truck who has attacked two cyclists with a hammer in Pontevedra after having with them a discussion related to a traffic incident. According to the first versions, the two cyclists were driving parallel in front of a truck, when the driver He reproached them for interrupting their path. Both cyclists stood next to the truck to argue with the driver, just as they entered the factory where the perpetrator works. All this infuriated the truck driver, who got out of the truck with the intention of attacking them.

The scene has been picked up by a witness in a video that has been disseminated through social networks and WhatsApp groups, where it is appreciated how the truck driver even threatens the cyclists with death.

The company that hired the truck driver has issued the following statement
Company press release

Source and photo; The vanguard

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