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An 80-year-old cyclist positive in a drug test

Barbara Gicquel, national and senior Games champion on track, suspended for methyltestosterone

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced this past Friday it has imposed a 12 month suspension to the track cyclist Barbara Gicquel, 80, after testing positive in a control for methyltestosterone.

You requested a control to validate a record

USADA commented that Gicquel requested control for validate a world record of GGEE 75-79 set on August 29, 2019, where he set a mark for the 500-meter time trial at 44.062.

Gicquel admitted to using a drug containing methyltestosterone since March 2005.

That result, along with all of his results since August 29, 2015, have been overturned because Gicquel admitted to using a medication containing methyltestosterone since March 2005.

He applied for a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), but USADA denied his application.

Barbara gicquel
Strava / Barbara Gicquel

Gicquel did not declare the drug

USADA said that Gicquel did not declare the drug in any of its forms previous doping control tests and denied the TUE, “because the documentation he presented did not establish that he had a medical condition that required the use of methyltestosterone.

He also indicated that the medication provided a added benefit in athletic performance beyond the return to a normal state of health ", according to a communication Press

Gicquel's urine collected at the 2019 US Cycling Masters National Track Championships showed metabolites of methyltestosterone, a substance prohibited in a wide range of anti-doping rules, including US cycling UCI.

Results have been canceled since August 2015

The cyclist has lost titles in individual pursuit, sprint and time trial, including age group records in the 200 m flight time trial and the 2 km individual pursuit.

Gicquel tried to contest the disqualification of your results but an independent arbitrator concluded that your results should be disqualified as of the first date you learned that your medication contained a prohibited substance.

Source: cyclingnews.

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