Professional cyclists ask for permission to train on the roads

The group of professionals in Spain does not exceed 140 people

The Association of Professional Cyclists (ACP) have sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, requesting permission so that professional cyclists can train abroad, as reported by the trade.

In the letter they explicitly request «that they can train individually and do their work ».

Until now this activity is prohibited by the measures to fight against  coronavirus pandemic.

The group does not exceed 140 people in all of Spain

The ACP has approached the Ministry to explain the need of our collective for power develop your work on Spanish roads, an activity that is allowed in Italy ", said José Luis de Santos, president of the ACP

«The group of professionals in Spain does not exceed 140 people and we are not going to invade the roads. We have already addressed to request permission to train and carry out the work individually"He added.

This activity if allowed in Italy

De Santos was compared to Italy, where, despite the pandemic, allows training for cyclists and athletes as long as they do it individually.

The brief explains the  harm that is for a professional cyclist not being able to hit the road, "since losing shape is a quick process and getting it back is slower," said de Santos.

Several professional cyclists have addressed the President of the ACP to comment on the prohibitions they have suffered in recent days, including with threat of fines.

"We are not cyclists, we are professionals"

We want a difference to be seen, that we are not cyclists, we are professionals, but the authority does not allow traffic on the roads and they threaten fines, "he stressed.

The ACP expects a response "as soon as possible" from the Interior Ministry.

The RFECF assumes the alarm status, even if it is adverse for professionals

For its part, the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFECF) assumes the state of alarm, even if it is "adverse for professionals", due to the coronavirus pandemic that prohibits cycling.

Insurance companies warn that a sports accident will be negligent

It also indicates that the insurance companies warn that any accident considered sports will be considered negligent, thus suspending insurance coverage, and causing legal problems.


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