This way you DO NOT have to overtake a cyclist, we tell you how to do it Share!

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In the following video of the country, you can see how to overtake a cyclist on the road to maintain the safety distance and avoid possible accidents.


These are some key points in usual situations on the roads

  • Even if the bikes occupy less space on the road, you have to overtake them as if it were a car
  • When you have to overtake a cyclist or group of cyclists, you have to reduce speed and leave at least the separation of a meter and a half. Keep in mind that the blow of air produced by a car can unbalance the cyclist and make it fall on the road.
  • You can overtake a cyclist even if there is a continuous line, provided there is no risk and you have sufficient visibility
  • When overtaking another vehicle, always look at the shoulder of the opposite direction to see if a cyclist is riding as it is forbidden to overtake in that situation. Cyclists for their part have to facilitate the maneuver of overtaking

From Triathlon News we work to try raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to report good behaviors and regulations to avoid these tragic news.

Then we leave a series of links where various scenarios are shown and how to act before them

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