How does a group of cyclists on the road have to circulate?

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Cyclists can circulate in groups, as this increases their visibility. But it is important that they do so from 1 or 2 row.


The following video of the DGT explains how to circulate when several cyclists ride in a group on a road open to traffic.

These are some basic rules to circulate in a group


  • En interurban roads you can circulate in a group
  • It can only be done in rows of one or maximum 2
  • El group will function as a single vehicle and must circulate as far to the right as possible
  • Never you have to circulate in a group occupying the entire roadway
  • If a cycling group has started has entered a roundabout, the vehicles have to respect them and wait for the end of the maneuver
  • Circular in a group in this way increases security of the cyclist as it is more visible to drivers



From Triathlon News we work to try raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to report good behaviors and regulations to avoid these tragic news.

Then we leave a series of links where various scenarios are shown and how to act before them



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