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Statement by Anna González #PorUnaLeyJusta

The reform has been postponed and spokespersons are asked to redouble their efforts to reach an agreement

Comunicate of Anna González as promoter of the platform #PorUnaLeyJusta, of the State Association of Victims of Traffic Accidents DIA, (of Stop Accidents to be confirmed) of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, of the Spanish Triathlon Federation and of the Association of Professional Cyclists.

Given the situation of the processing of the reform of the Penal Code in the Congress which is trying to draft a consensus text within the Justice Commission, and in view of the postponement that took place yesterday of the working session, is our wish ask the different spokespersons to redouble their efforts to reach this essential agreement for accident victims.

We are aware of the implication that the speakers are having so that this reform is satisfactory for the demands of the victims and the vulnerable groups.

We thank the Popular Parliamentary Group that has initiated this Proposition of Law with a first text that has tried to clarify the behaviors by serious imprudence, of raise penalties in one or two degrees when there is a plurality of affected and notorious seriousness, as well as having the courage to introduce a new criminal type which is the abandonment of the accident site for its cause.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has also been sensitive to the suggestions contained in the report of the Prosecutor of the Road Safety Department, Mr. Bartolomé Vargas, which indicates the need to include the crime of less serious recklessness when injuries are caused by Article 147.1 of the Penal Code, this it is injuries that would be constitutive of crime but that are not invalidating.

We know that in the penultimate meeting the Popular Parliamentary Group wanted to support this postulate and that it was not approved by the opposition of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, among others. But nevertheless we ask that this postulate not be withdrawn and that they remain firm in the determination to introduce it by building a essential protection for the victims of most accidents.

We also recognize the merits of the Socialist Parliamentary Group propose a definition of less serious recklessness essential for the legal security of the victims and above all so that the vast majority of accidents due to the dynamics of qualifying them as minor imprudence, which was decriminalized in 2015, are not systematically filed in the courts of instruction.

We also appreciate that you have introduced raise the penalties to a degree when caused by notorious seriousness two deceased or one deceased and more than two seriously injured.

But we ask the Government of Spain that faithful to its commitment to help the cause of #PorUnaLeyJusta, do not turn your back on the victims that due to someone who commits a violation classified as serious in the Road Safety Act, cause an injury to article 147.1 of the Criminal Code, since the Government intends that this behavior be decriminalized.

Our associations ask with all our energy that change of criteria and that we are not deprived of the rights to be protected by the Penal Code.

We thank the Parliamentary Group of Citizens that thanks to the impulse of its deputy Irene Rivera, from the beginning it has been a fundamental support in the requests of #PorUnaLeyJusta and we ask it to continue in the works to try to achieve that agreement that we need from all the forces parliamentary

We also ask the parliamentary group In Common We can be your proposals for modification and reform of the unjust compensation Baremo Act and article 20 of the Insurance Contract Act very necessary to reverse those changes in favor of the victims, that the fact that is not supported by other groups does not mean that they abandon the paper, but that they subscribe to our demands, which they know are just.

We also ask all the Parliamentary Groups that when there is a single deceased to intervene alcohol and / or drugs ingested by the causer, or speeding in the production of death, the minimum penalties are increased by one degree and not only if there are a plurality of affected persons together with a notorious seriousnessd, since with that dimension the limit of penalties with a single deceased is 4 years of prison, asking that it be extended to 6 years in these cases.

Finally, we ask that the fact of the flight of the person responsible for the place of events, in and of itself have a penalty of between 6 months and 2 years of imprisonment case of causing injuries of the 147.1, 149 and 150 of the Penal Code, and of 2 years and one day to 4 of prison if what is provoked is one or more deaths, all this regardless of whether or not there is exclusive fault of the victim or fortuitous event, or due to the negligence of the driver as the cause of the accident, because what is being judged is that someone leaks without a doubt because he would test positive for alcohol and / or drugs, or he does not have a card or he does not have insurance.

So we ask our parliamentary representatives members of the Justice Commission that next week reach this agreement and address these requests that are those of all present or future victims.

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