The Community of Madrid intends to prohibit the circulation of mtb on roads of less than 3 meters wide

According to the iberobike website, the Community of Madrid aims to prohibit the circulation of MTB bicycles on roads that are less than 3 meters wide.

In her noticia, the web comments that they have had access to the draft of the PRUG (Use and Management Regulation Plan) of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, where they have seen that the Community of Madrid intends prohibit the circulation of MTB bicycles on roads less than 3 meters wide.

They also comment that the current regulations, PORN (Plan for the Regulation of Natural Resources), which currently governs the national park exposed in art. that the circulation in MTB is allowed by footpaths, roads and paths of traditional use.

From the web they are requesting that the manifesto be signed and in order to stop this initiative by sending it by mail to this address: atencionalciudadano @ or presenting it in the Registry of any public agency (single window), City Council or in any registry of the Administration, to be referred to the Ministry of Environment of the Community of Madrid.


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Photo: MTB Routes Madrid

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